Second Time Stealing Pantyhose

My first story was about stealing pantyhose from a girl in highschool. ( its in the stealing panties area )
This is about the second time I stole from the girl in highschool and her younger sister as well.

I had been thinking about stealing the pantyhose from the Seventeen year old girl I went to highschool with again for a long time after I stole her pantyhose from her locker.
It was so exciting to do that, I think from that moment on I became addicted to stealing pantyhose when I could.

It was a sunday morning, I decided to drive into town. I had lived in the country at that time. I pulled into the gas station near town and gave her house a call. Knowing her and her family would be at church. There was no answer.

I took a chance and drove to her home.

I parked in the drive way and no vehicle was around. And no one was home.

I walked up to her home and opened the door. I walked to her room and started opening the drawers of her dresser to find her pantyhose.
It was not until the last drawer at the bottom that I found her pantyhose.
It was full of pantyhose at least Ten pairs. I had a plastic bag and I gabbed them all.

I was shaking at this time as I was so nervous that they would come home and find me.
After I stole all of her pantyhose I went to her sisters room to look for her pantyhose. She was fourteen or fifteen at the time.

I went through her dresser drawers and did not find any pantyhose. I then saw another table and opened it up and it was full of pantyhose, socks and underwear.
As I was stealing her pantyhose I was smelling them and putting them in the plastic bag with her sisters.
When I left there place I had a full plastic bag full of pantyhose.

I was so excited to get home and use them for pleasure. As I love worn pantyhose.

I never heard anything from anyone about the two sisters and there pantyhose getting stolen. I guess its something that a girl does not want to talk about.

I eventually went back there a second time and stole more from the sisters.

When ever I get a chance or decide to, I will tell the story of stealing all the pantyhose from my highschool teacher.
I was at a school with stairs. When ever she wore her skirts with pantyhose. I would make sure to look up her skirt to see more of her pantyhose:)
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I live in Canada and steal navy blue thick tights or leotards of clotheslines. I have never been captured so far and would love to try doing it in the States.

I have stolen numerous pairs of thick navy blue leotards up here off of clotheslines and only came close to capture a couple times once by an off duty policewoman wearing faded blue jeans who ordered me to the ground to handcuff me but I fled and escaped through backyards it was quite a thrill but don't want to repeat that close call so have resisted the urge since! She nearly captured and caged me! He he he!

America should deal the spetznaz and the russian armed forces for terrorist acts towards it's citizens same to house holders.

I Florida, this would be considered a home invasion. Here you could have been legally shot. As a home invasion is a 2nd degree felony. Also in Florida the person can shot you as you try to escape. So please buy your own pantyhose and tights. Besides wearing new pantyhose will feel great.

It is a little creepy. It's much better to be open with them. I was caught red handed by the next door neighbor when I was a kid. She was upstairs with my mom & I was downstairs watching TV. She was wearing reinforced toe nylons when we got there and that was all I could think about. Their laundry room was near where I was so I quietly walked in there and saw that in the laundry basket, there was a pair of her nylons laying in it. I was pretty excited when I found them. So excited that I decided to use the nylons that I found to pleasure myself as I thought of her and her silky nylon covered toes. I opened my pants and wrapped her nylon around it and started to slide it up and down. After a couple of strokes, I closed my eyes and pictured her nylon covered feet as I did it.

Suddenly, I heard her say "Are you having fun?" I quickly turned to the side and hid myself from her as she moved the laundry from the washer to the drier. I was terrified that she would tell my mom. She just smiled and looked at me as she dealt with the laundry.

When she was done, she walked up to me and said "Let me see it." She moved my hand away from what I was hiding. "It looks like you were having fun with my nylons. Do you like how they look on me?" I nodded. "Go ahead and finish doing what you were doing then. Why don't you stop over tommorrow morning by yourself and you can do that again" she said. I smiled and started throttling myself as she walked away. It didn't take much longer.

The next morning after I got dressed, I walked next door and rang the doorbell. When she opened the door, I gasped. She was wearing a black dress, black shoes and tan nylons. "Come in here" she said. After I walked in, she closed the door and said "Now this will be our little secret. As long as you don't tell anyone, I will invite you over from time to time to do what you were doing yesterday." I nodded and asked her if I could take my clothes off. "Of course you can." she said. I peeled off every stitch of clothing I was wearing and stood in front of her. "I see you are already pretty excited. Would you like to put one of my nylons over it?" I nodded. "Then sit on the towel I placed on the chair while I go get one".

When she returned with her nylon I started to slide it into one of the legs. She sat on the couch, crossed her legs and watched as I slid her nylon on. Once it was fully on, I started to slowly stroke it. "That's it" she said. I had never done it in front of someone before so it took a little bit of getting used to. After a couple of minutes, I thrust my hips towrads her and moaned. "mmmmmmmmmm" she purred as I worked my unit in front of her.

After another couple of minutes, I stood up and walked towards her. I knelt down in front of her and said "Can I touch your legs? I want to feel your nylons on you" She just smiled as my hands held one of her legs. I reached down and slowly removed her shoe. I gasped when I saw the her nylons had reinforced heels and toes in them. "It's going to happen pretty soon"

She smiled as I placed her silky nylon toes against my unit. The second it touched her toes, I felt the ecstacy begin. I held her nylon covered foot tightly against it as spurt after spurt shot out.

"You just came on me!" she said "I like how that feels on my legs! It makes me feel really nice! I bet that felt pretty good to you!"

I gasped and grunted for several minutes until I had recovered from the most mind blowing session I had ever had. I stood in front of her and said "That was incredible! When can we do that again?"

She said "As long as you can keep this our secret, we can do this again but not today. I will let you know the next time you get to do it while I watch."

Then I got dressed and left. I'll tell you about the next session another day

Do you have any idea how creepy that is?

I have to agree with Monique on this one. As a kid i borrowed or stole hosiery here or there as I didn't have any other place to get them. But i felt horrible doing it, and had such guilt afterwards.

Damn! I love stealing pantyhose stories! They are soooo hot!

I fantasise about working at a show bar or theatre where sexy dancers perform,i would love to get hold of their discarded pantyhose or fishnets.i would also love to do pantyhose photography,either in front or behind the camera!,and also would like to keep the used hose!

very daring,not entirely correct,but something i have fantasised about many times. I have taken pantyhose from a girls room whilst i was in house as a guest, they had a sexy au,pair girl staying,and as i went upstairs to the bathroom i had a sneaky look in her bedroom and found a pair hanging out of a linen basket.i have bought worn pantyhose from ebay.