Girlfriends 2 Sisters

I was dating a girl a while back who was pretty, but she also had 2 very attractive younger sisters.
For a while we did long distance dating where I would fly to her city, and she would fly to mine.

I always enjoyed going to see her as she still had 2 sisters that were still in highschool.
When her mom would drive the sisters to school, and my girlfriend at the time was still sleeping, I would sneak into the youngest sisters bed room a look for her pantyhose. Usually there were some worn pantyhose on the floor that had not been washed yet.
I would pull down my pants and slide a leg of the pair of pantyhose on my **** and start pleasuring myself with them. ( worn pantyhose feel so good ) before I would *** I would pull the pantyhose off very quickly so I would not get the pantyhose dirty, as I could not let anyone in my gf's family know what I was doing.
I did this with her sisters pantyhose for awhile when ever I visted. Since the youngest sister had a lot of pantyhose, I figured she would not notice a pair missing. So I grabbed a soft unwashed pair of pantyhose I would use for pleasure when ever I wanted

Once I decided to fly out and visit my gf for a week. One of those days happened to be the day that the youngest sister was graduating highschool. (I knew I would have lots of time to go through the sisters pantyhose to pleasure myself with )

So before the graduation started I was taking photos of all the girls dressed up, As it happened the middle sister was wearing skin colored pantyhose with her skirt. So I made sure to get some photos of her in her pantyhose.

It turns out they went to a friends place for a pre grad celebration. They came back home for a few minutes, luckily I had already pleasured myself with some pantyhose. So when they came home I was watching a movie.

I noticed the middle sister was not wearing the pantyhose anymore.
When they left I waited a bit to make sure they were not coming home again.

I went up stairs to the middle sisters room, and there on the floor was the pantyhose she was just wearing. I got so excited.
I picked up the pantyhose and smelled them ( yes I love to do that ) and took them to the room, I was staying in.

While the family was away, I pleasured myself with those pantyhose I found on the floor more then a few times, as they felt so good :)
To remember the moment I took photos of the pantyhose, which I still have to this day:)

Before the family got home I placed the pantyhose back on the floor and almost the same way as I found them :)
It was a great trip that time :)

I have more stories of my gf's sisters but thats for another time :)
If people want to hear it :)
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I must confess, I do find tights that have just been worn by wife/ g/f very erotic,the just been worn and taken off feel

I bet they were still warm when you picked them up off the floor.