My Wife And I Wear Pantyhose

     At the time of writing this I'm a 39-year-old male who has had an obsession with and have been wearing pantyhose in private since I was about 13 years old. As I type this I'm wearing a pair of sheer to waist L’eggs suntan pantyhose. I have always hid my pantyhose obsession from my wife and past lovers over the years until recently. About a month ago I decided to reveal my obsession to my lovely wife of 9 years in hopes that she would accept it and maybe even play along with it.

One night I decided to have a few (too many) drinks after my wife had gone off to bed. I woke up in the morning and still had a major buzz; it was then that I had gotten brave enough to let my wife in on my little secret. I walked out to the living room to tell her, as I walked down the hall my heart was racing. I approached her and chickened out. I new she would be leaving in a little bit to go shopping so I thought maybe it would be easier to tell her over the phone rather than in person. She left the house and I called her, again my heart started racing to a point that it became difficult to breathe. Instead of telling her straight out about my obsession I asked her if she would mind me buying her some lingerie to wear that evening before we made love. She was a little hesitant but agreed. After hanging up the phone I immediately jumped in the truck and ran down to the local drug store and bought her a pair of L’eggs Silken Mist Beige pantyhose. I didn’t pick up any other lingerie for her in hopes she would wear the pantyhose with a skirt. When I got home I unboxed the pantyhose and laid them out on the bed and figured this would be a good way to break the ice when she came home and saw them. Later that evening my wife arrived at home and as I heard the garage open up my hear immediately started racing again, I was so nervous as to how she would take me only buying her a pair of pantyhose. As she walked in the door I told her to go in the bedroom and have a look at what I bought, immediately it became difficult to breathe again as I followed her down the hall to see her reaction. She looked on the bed and then looked back at me and asked "So where’s the rest?" I told her "That’s it, maybe you can wear those with a short skirt or something.” she had a stumbled look on her face. I then proceeded to tell her about my obsession for pantyhose and how nervous I was to reveal it to her, I was still too nervous though to tell her that I like to wear pantyhose as well. When I finished explaining everything she chuckled and said, "I’ve never done anything like this, but if you enjoy it I will put them on for you. I was immediately relieved and excited all at the same time. I asked her if she could put them on right now and walk around the house in them. She did and I followed her around for the next hour and stared at her beautifully covered pantyhose legs, I felt like such a pervert.

Later that evening I asked her if we could sit on the couch and watch TV, she agreed. As soon as we sat down I grabbed her legs and put them on mine and started stroking her calves, thighs and feet. She was certainly enjoying it, which was obvious by the moans that were coming from her. I continued this for the next hour or so at which point I unzipped my pants and started rubbing her calved on my penis. It was amazing! I felt as giddy as a teenage boy about to have sex for the first time. She took over and started pleasuring me with her sexy leg. I asked her if she enjoyed it and she replied, "Yes, they make me feel sexy and I can tell you're really enjoying them." what a great wife, I felt like the luckiest man in the world.

Fast forward to Father's Day. I had to work that day and my wife was home alone. I called her on my lunch break as I always do and she told me she had a surprise waiting for me when I arrived home. I got excited and was immediately anticipating that it would have something to do with pantyhose. As I hung up the phone I became extremely horny which made it very hard to focus on my work for the rest of the day. When arrived at home I found my wife wearing a short black skirt and suntan pantyhose that sparkled, this was not a pair I had ever bought her. I gave her a huge kiss, dropped to my knees and started kissing and rubbing her legs with my hands. I lifted her skirt to get a nicer view and saw that the pantyhose had no crotch panel and she wasn't wearing panties. I picked her up, put her on the kitchen table and started orally pleasuring her right through the pantyhose, it was great and I went at it for a couple hours. She climaxed three times during this and after the third she asked me if we could head into the bedroom. I agreed and when we got there she went into a drawer and pulled out another pair of pantyhose and asked me to put them on. I couldn't believe it I was stunned. I was excited but embarrassed, I removed my pants and boxers and proceeded to put them on. After I was had them on she mentioned that I had some experience putting on pantyhose and asked me how I knew what to do. At this point I decided to finally tell her that I have put pantyhose on in private for sometime now. She laughed, kissed me and pushed me down on the bed and rubbed her legs against mine. Needless to say after a while we removed the hose and had sex. A few nights later we were preparing for bed and I asked her if I could take a few pictures of her in the pantyhose and she was ok with it. I noticed as I was taking pictures of her crotch area there was a wet spot on the hose, she was actually excited that I was taking pictures of her in the hose.

I’m now very comfortable wearing pantyhose around my wife, some mornings I wake up and put a pair on and strut around the house with nothing else on. I have no desire to wear the pantyhose in public and I don’t think my wife would be ok with that either. All in all I have the best wife in the world to do this for me as most women now a days are completely against wearing pantyhose, which is a major shame. I hope you enjoyed my story and even though its a little hard to believe its 100% true. I still have a hard time believing it sometimes and keep hoping that I'm not going to wake up from a dream.
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Great story. Although I don't wear them personally I did go through something similar with my fiance. She hasn't jumped in with both feet like some women, but she does try to wear them once a week or so for me. Glad that you are having such good future with your wife.

Brilliant story,superb read,it's great when you can share your passion with the one you love

Kudos to you and your wife ! It's awesome that she not only shares your passion for pantyhose but supports yuor waering them as well. My gf feels the same way about hosiery as I do. She supprots my wearing 100% and even buys them for me she goes to the mall ! Happy wearing !