Studying Auntie's Pantyhose While She Played The Organ

Church was always the place to guarantee seeing lots of ladies in pretty dresses, high heels and pantyhose. My aunty in law is an older single lady who is very elegantly dressed on Sundays and she wears very high heels and good quality (Wolford) pantyhose. She was the organist and I used to like seeing her step up from the congregation, walk confidently in those high heels and wriggle onto the organ bench to play. It was a large electric organ and it started to have a problem with one of the notes being off. I said I'd research it on the internet.
Aunty wears pretty cotton dresses in the summer, high heeled sandals and sheer pantyhose and I've always wanted to see more of her legs. So I wrote a Word document saying that the problem could be fixed by adjusting the foot pedals to give me an excuse to look close up at her feet and toes in pantyhose in her sandals.
After the service was over, I showed her the paper as the manufacturer's instructions to adjust the organ and suggested that we should give it a try. The food pedal board was full width and I had written that the outer pedal at each end must be depressed and held while adjustment screws were altered at the back of the pedal board.
So she sat on the bench and put her sandal toes on the extremes of the board. Her knees were now wide apart although safely covered with her dress, so no issues about showing her knees! But she was sitting fully on the bench and I needed her to be more forwards to give the best chance of seeing as much of her pantyhosed legs as possible. I knelt on the floor and said that I couldn't get to the screws without moving the bench. So without any complaint she got off the bench and I pushed it right to the back of the pedal board and asked her to get back on and depress the pedals again. Now her bottom was perched right on the edge of the bench and her legs were stretched out to get her feet onto the extreme pedals. My heart was beginning to race seeing her sit so willing in such a position! Her pantyhosed shins were shining in the light and her toes looked lovely in her sandals. I didn't think that she would hold that position once I knelt on the floor so I suggested that she should play a tune on the organ rather than just sitting there. She agreed! Now I knew she was reading the music she would not be thinking about me and didn't seem to think about the implications of how she was sitting and how I might take advantage of her. As soon as she started to play, I got down on the floor, lifted the hem of her dress and put my head right inside the draped material of her dress. She was not wearing a petticoat and the light shone through the floral cotton of her dress. There was a warm smell of her perfume. I turned my head upwards and could see the full length of both her thighs about 2 feet apart. I looked to the top of her thighs and there was the brown gusset of her tights stretched taut and the centre seam ran up her body to the waistband! The dress had a high elasticated part just below her breasts and the material was stretched from her waist to her knees at an angle which opened up the whole of her pantyhose to my gaze! There was no reinforcement, beautifully sheer to waist. AND she was not wearing any panties (I know now that she has not worn panties under her pantyhose for years, nor does she wear a bra!) I could get so close to her gusset that my nose almost rubbed the nylon. I could make out her trimmed pubic hair. She was now playing another tune and I realised that, amazingly, she was taking no interest in me at all! I turned my head to look all the way down her thigh to her knee, down her lower leg to the strappy sandals on each far pedal. It was all too much and I came in my trousers looking at that tight gusset right in front of my eyes!
I pulled away from under her dress and, when she stopped playing, I asked her to try the note that was wonky. Remarkably it worked! She was full of praise and looked down at me and thanked me for making the effort to fix it! She was worried that the congregation thought she was making a mistake. I had done nothing but simply responded that if it went wrong again we should do the same thing again and she agreed.
About 2 weeks after, the same key went wrong again and she asked me to stay behind and fix it while she played. That is another story!
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Oct 10, 2012