I'm Amazed

I never realized there was such a following of all things pantyhose. Being a woman I naturally wear them most days, save for the ghastly days of summers past. Once the cool weather descends I wear them daily, and on the very cold days I wear tights. I'm a college prof. and while there isn't an actual dress code I tend to dress appropriately in a skirt and blouse or somedays pants. I just like looking proper and pantyhose naturally accent the look. I cannot stand sloppy looking women and the way a lot of them dress is appalling. And it carries over to the students, though I doubt I have influenced any lately.
But getting back to pantyhose, I just like the look they give my legs and the support they provide, not to mention the smidgen of warmth on chilly morns. The control tops help a bit as well, seeing no one wears a girdle anymore, not that I need one, mind you.
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7 Responses Nov 20, 2012

More guys are obsessed with pantyhose than most women will ever realize. :)

You are my hero! What brands do you like?

You are absolutely right about how women dress these days. I mean, pajama pants in public? If only there were more women like you to teach these girls.

I'm Hot For Teacher!...whoa...I would look fwd to paying attention to you in class. After I had noticed you wore hose regularly (as the classy elegant sophisticated mature hottie you are) I would probably wear pantyhose under my slacks to your class. Thinking about massaging those hosed feet and toes after I slide your heels off...mmmmm! p.s.i hope ur not an English Prof!...giggles

100% with you there! they not only look nice and elegant but feel great to the touch... assuming I get to touch them, that is! Which is not often!

Yes, pantyhose do have quite the following. As you mentioned in a previous post, pantyhose are particularly popular with men. Many of us enjoy wearing them for a variety of reasons, but we also appreciate women that enjoy wearing them as well. I hope your sense of style influences your students. There does appear to be a fashion shift as younger women are starting to wear hosiery again. Not the classic nude pantyhose I remember while growing up, but more along the lines of fashion tights of various colors and patterns.

I agree with your comment about sloppy dress. I believe that a woman in pantyhose and a nice suit not only looks proper but has a tremendous amount of power that garners respect.