Pantyhose Confession

I was a 15 year old boy ,I remember it well , the day I was round my nans . They had gone out and I had to look after /babysit cousins while they had out. We were watching tv , I decided to go to the toilet , on the way out a pair of knickers caught my eye which were on the floor in the rooms , i went over and picked it up and got a good sniff ( still moist ). Immediatly my **** was hard and i could feel pre-*** oozing into my pants. I was intrigued and decided to look through the draws for more knickers/hoisery. I came across the pantyhose draw ... there they all were , my **** shot up with an erection again and i decided to shut the door so no one saw and inspect them further. I sniffed the crotch it had a distinct smell just like the knickers did. I took 2 pairs and a high denier and a medium/low denier. I shoved them down my pants/boxers making sure there was no lumps and went back to the living room. That night when we went home i put the pantyhose in a safe place for tommorow. Tommorow came and i was homealone , what a perfect oppurtunity to test the new pantyhose? I got them out and decided to wear the high denier ones ( i slipped my legs in one by one and the smooth nylon rubbed against my legs making me get a hard on again. I had fully put the pantyhose on and was now as hard as i had ever been. I started to ********** my penis through the pantyhose , I soon lost it and a huge load of sticky *** filled the crotch oozing out . I was still so horny and so ********** again this time with a smaller load. I took the pantyhose off and licked the crotch where my *** was dripping through , a slightly salty taste to it .

I now wear pantyhose wherever i can and i have the 2 original pairs of pantyhose which i stole - they are hugely *** stained with white marks all over the crotch and a few dribbles down the legs . I am hoping to get some tan / natural pantyhose , any offers would be amazing ,

Thankyou for reading x
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Please wah your pantyhose as what you said was gross. Also, I'd like to know why you had to steal the hose? Don't be afriad t put them in your shopping cart and pay for them. Sometimes when I go to pay for my pantyhose awithout any other purchases, I am asked by the clerk who there for. I'm not afraid to say to them, there for me.I feel that once you buy your first pair, you will take care of them better. It will also free you to buy more colors and styles as you don't have to hide them.

I, prefer thigh high stockings. They don't cover my sexy panties, and they are far less restrictive