Only Time With A Man

I have loved pantyhose, stockings and tights for many years. I have no real recollection of how it started, I just know, that from an early age I would take my mothers stockings and try them on.
By the time I was 16 or17 I had a few pairs of pantyhose of my own, and I wore them as often as I could. I then met my future wife, who always wore black or tan pantyhose, or stockings and suspenders. I eventually stopped wearing them and just enjoyed her in them.
Then along came the internet and I discovered a whole new world of nylon, I found crossdressers.
Something in me clicked and a man in pantyhose really grabbed me, turned me on, but only feminine, convincing crossdressers. There was something about a **** in nylon, I wanted to experience the thrill of carressing a stiff **** (other than my own) through a pair of sheer pantyhose.
I work as a car salesman, and spend a lot of time sitting in cars with many different people and have seen some really sexy female legs in all shades from sheer to thick opaque panthyhose and stockings, but only once have I caught site of a man in pantyhose, and he was rather feminine.
As he looked around the car in a car park away from the showroom, I noticed as he bent over the waistband of his pantyhose showing above his jeans. They were a sheer tan, and I realised the tan on his ankles was in fact nylon, not a suntan.
I found myself staring at his ankles when I realised he had a ladder(run) in one leg. I had to say something, and say something I did.
"You have a ladder in your pantyhose" I said with a beating heart.
He stopped looking in the car and slowly got out. He was a bit red in the face, embarrassed, but without saying anything looked down at both feet.
He looked back up at me and smilled, said 'Thankyou" then got on with looking over the car.
We drove back to the showroom and did the deal on the car, and arranged he would pick it up in three days time.....three very long days.
So three days later, at the arranged time, he arrived alone and we finished the paperwork and I handed over the car. I remember him thanking me for not being rude about his pantyhose on the test drive, and would I like a drink with him by way of thanks for the deal I gave him on the car. Without sounding to eager I accepted his offer and arranged to meet him in a bar in town on Tuesday night the following week.
Come Tuesday I arrived at the bar and found him sat at a table alone. He stood up, asked me what I wanted and went to the bar as I sat down. We made small talk and eventually I asked him about his wearing of pantyhose. He was very honest and open, and by the time he had explained all I found myself telling him that I was in fact attracted to crossdressers and that I loved pantyhose anyway, and had for years. Half hour later we left the bar, and I drove him home. He did the "fancy a coffee" routine and in I went, heart pounding.
From there things happened fast. Before I knew what was happening he stopped in front of me and I bumped into him, my arms slipping around his waist. I know we kissed, somehow, he was still facing away from me, and I felt my hand drop down to his crotch.
Was he wearing pantyhose, I don't remember him saying he was, but one thing for sure, I was going to find out soon.
I felt his **** grow hard through his jeans as I felt for his zip. I undid thhis fly ans slipped my hand inside his jeans. Yes, pantyhose, and boy it felt good. I know he said something, but to this day I'm not sure what, but I know we ended up on his sofa, kissing, with hands going everywhere. Standing up he removed his jeans and shoes and stood before me in dark tan sheer pantyhose. I leant forward and kissed his **** before trying to take as much into my mouth while it was still encased in his pantyhose.
I don't know how long I kissed and sucked him, but too soon he knelt before me and released my **** from my jeans ans pants. His oral skills were mindblowing, and how I held back I do not know.
I wanted to make him come, and sure enough I did, but by hand while kissing his mouth, our tongues entwined. His come seeped through his pantyhose then as he took my **** in his hand I shot my load over his legs....Heaven.
I asked if I could have his pantyhose, to which he agreed and so I found myself removing them and putting them, complete with ***, into my pocket.
With that I was on my way home, feeling rather strange, but wearing a large smile.
I still have his pantyhose, but have to say, I never saw him again, socialy. He moved away sometime later, but before he went, he asked if we wanted to buy his car back, which we did.
That was my only extra marital experience, but it was fun, different, and rewarding.

phantasyman60 phantasyman60
51-55, M
Jan 11, 2013