How I Started Loving Pantyhose And My Favourite Pair Of Pantyhose

When I was 5, I played in a drama and I was required to wear pantyhose for that role. I wore a white opaque pantyhose for child. I hv loved it immediately because it was so comfortable. However my mom throw it away after a year or two, as she thinks boy should not wear hose. Since then, from time to time, i will wait until no one is at home and then I will secretly wear mom's. As we live in Hong Kong and my mon is not so keen on pantyhose, her collections are mostly the cheap ones. The best and the most silky one she has was Hanes Silk Reflection. Although this would be an inferior choice for me now, this was most favourite one at that time.Before that, I always wear my panty under my hose. However, it was that silky hose urged me to try wearing pantyhose without panty. As I slip onto the hose, I was instantly hard on. It was the most silky hose I have ever worn. As I pull the hose up my co_ck, the silky hose caressing the area was really so comfortable. That experience was a monument for my interest on pantyhose. Since then, i never wear panty under pantyhose.

However I would say i did not really start loving pantyhose until i was 22, when i went to UK to study. As I was living alone and abroad, I become much more brave. I have always brought and tried different brands and kinds of pantyhose, including Pretty Polly, Wolford, Oroblu. One day I even brought a silky long sleeping gown. Eventually I have found the most silky, and most comfortable pantyhose. (I still have not found a better one until now, when I am 26.) That was La Perla Allure 15. This is when I would say I officially started my true love for pantyhose. I still remember my first trial of that pantyhose.

As I took the hose out of tha package to my hand, I was so delighted to feel the soft and silky feeling. The soft and silky feeling on my hand greatly enticed me to wear it as quickly as possible. I couldn't bear the tempation and i immediately took off my pants and underwear. As i slip my first leg into the hose, i screamed out of an extreme silky, smooth and sensuous feeling given by the hose. My co_ck is instantly erected. As i pull the hose higher and higher, i just felt more and more comfortable. As I put my second leg into the hose, the sensational enjoyment just doubled. When I continued to pull my hose upwards, the silky hose is caressing my legs more and more and i felt more and more comfortable. My co_ck could hardly stand. However, I know the best is yet to come!

When I pull the hose upwards to cover my co_ck, the feeling was even much more enticing and comfortable! I felt I just couldn't get enough of this and I intentionally repeatedly pulled down and up to cover my co_ck so that i can enjoy the sensual feeling of silky hose caressing my area. Until now, this is still what i think the most enjoyable moment of putting on your hose! Do you agree? Lastly I pulled the hose really up so that my whole co_ck is covered by the silky smooth material.

This pantyhose is sheer to waist, i.e. the co_ck area is in touched with the silky material! Wow! I just found that wearing such a perfect pantyhose is so much more comfortable than the previous ones. I couldn't myself but spontaneously touched my legs so often! As I caressed my legs more, I felt more sensuous and harder! Damn! this was so great! but i know the best is yet to come! To add more fun, I decide to wear my long silky sleeping gown as well! As I slip my legs in to the gown, the silky touching feeling by the dress stimulates me so much that I spontaneously slide my dress back and forth on my pantyhosed legs so that I can enjoy the feeling! The silky-smooth sliding feeling over my silky legs drives me to heaven! After playing for a minute or so, I continue and pull the whole gown up to my shoulder. I was so satisfied after wearing the whole set.

I couldn't help and I just go walking. As my silky hosed legs move when I walk along, i can feel the silky dress is waving up and down, massaging the legs in a rhythmic way which makes my co_ck even harder and *** mores. I also can't help myself but just keep moving my thighs in and out and my co_ck felt so sensuous and exciting! the even better thing is to slide the smooth dress back and forth on my silky legs. The feeling was reli so f--king comfortable. I remember I continued to play in this way for hrs. I had just experienced the most sensual, comfortable I had ever had in my life. I have also learned that how it feels to wear a perfect hose, with a silky long gown!

And i decided to sleep with this outfit. Of course, i have to add that, sleeping in them is a quite different, funny experience with the blanckets, though it is equally sensual and comfortable as before. Perhaps becoz I was so excited, i woke up 1 hr later. What felt so great is that the moment you wake up, you can feel that your whole body are encased by silky material(pantyhose and gown). You really got refreshed by this! I couldn't help but to caress my silky legs again and again. I played for an hr again until I lastly have to ********** out of ultra-extreme comfort silkiness. This is when I considered I officially fell in love with pantyhose. Hope you like it!
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So many similarities. I love this story. One difference is that, with me, it's stockings that started me off, also because of a school play. Like you, I've come to appreciate the heaven of long slips and nighties swishing against my nylons. I like stockings because they can stay all the way up while my **** is exposed. Something like the sensation of it being imprisoned by pantyhose I can get from wearing satin panties, which are gorgeous. As you say, my legs have such a great feel, and I love the feel and sound of rubbing my thighs together while I touch myself. My nipples get very sensitive too. If I wear my panties over my garters, I can pull them down when I need to, while still having nylons right to the top of my thighs. But I do like pantyhose too. Having my belly and *** encased in nylon is great. Basically, I love my lingerie and hosiery.