Tight Clothing Hits The Pleasure Spot

Apart from tights, normally tan or black sheer to waste, and wearing them under other clothing occasionally. Do you enjoy other tight clothes? Do you match clothes to go with them.

I like my cycling and horse riding clothes. I suspect I like the touch and feel of things relating to things I looked at as a toddler. I remember admiring legs in tights a lot as a child and so also women in jodhpurs. It all hangs around a woman's legs and *** in tight clothes. I recently saw Top of Pops 2 where a disco group or Legs and Co where in really tight trousers and later in tights. So hot and so literally dreamy. I just fixate on only certain women wearing seductive clothing.

It is not just about wanting to make love to these women but to enjoying them dressed so attractively. The whole long look, touch and feel before sex would be the whole point for me. I do enjoy touching myself in a tight outfit for along time before pleasuring myself. It's just so much a world I get lost in more than other things.

So do you get steamy in controlled way about tight not just tights/pantyhose?
mark70s mark70s
36-40, M
1 Response Jan 21, 2013

Add me I like to wear tight clothes, leotards, leggings, pantyhoses