A Day In My Pantyhose

just a couple days ago i had such a wonderful full day in my pantyhose. i was home all alone while my wife was at work. as soon as she left i quickly slipped into my pantyhose. as i started slipping on on leg of the hose i started getting really aroused. then inserted my other foot and pulled the hose up my legs. all i can think of is how silky the hose feel on my legs. once i had the hose all the way up instarted noticing i was getting my pantyhose really wet from the juices oozing from my extreme hardness by this point. i resisited the erge to touch myself, i wanted to see how long i could go without touching myself. it was at least an hour later and super wet and i couldnt take it anymore, i had to touch myself. i started rubbing very softly and slow and more and more juices were oozing. 20mins had passes and i was on the verge of an explosive ******. i started rubbing harder and faster until i let out a loud moan and shot out a huge load of warm ***. i have to say it was alot. i started licking my fingers as i wiped it all off me. i let out a big sigh and just thought of how wonderful my pantyhose are making me feel. i did a few chores around the house still in my pantyhose and i started getting aroused again. needless to say i had to relieve myself again. my wife came home shortly after that and we had a wonder evening ;-)..yes i love my pantyhose!!!
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1 Response Jan 23, 2013

Do you wear panties with your pantyhose?