I Love Pantyhose

I love wearing pantyhose and tights.I live in the U.K. where tights refers to pantyhose and thicker tights.Pantyhose makes me feel confident ,feminine and graceful.I simply cannot understand women and girls who dislike wearing pantyhose and who wear instead ugly trousers of who go bare legged with skirts that are far too short. I try to encourge my daughters to wear pantyhose and tights and am proud to work for an organisation which requires all of its female employees to wear pantyhose and a skirt to work.


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I wish my mrs was like you......Im already hard, lol.......Please add me.

Love wearing pantyhose, but I prefer shimmery dance tights

Back in the 80s when I was in the US Navy. We visited Portsmouth and I was surprised to see so many women not wearing hose. But had pale splotchy legs. I thought for a region where the skin sees little sunshine. The ladies definitely needed some color. And it wasn't like it was a steamy summer when I was there in October 1988.

hey i am christina i am 31 and live with mom she wants that i wear tights a ll the year thats her rules

I like your mom and her rules.

Just for you information, the Clerk of the Courts in Bravard County, Florida made a rule that all female employees must wear pantyhose at work. And if they have to appear in court, they are required to wear a dress and pantyhose. The women went to the Supreme Court of the State of Florida to get the rule of the Clerk thrown out on a sexual discrimination suit and the Court said that the Clerk of the Courts was right in making a dress code for the couthouse.

It is good to teach your daughter to wear tights/pantyhose <br />
I teach mIne too. We dOnt have schooluniform but we insist they wear at least four timers à week skirts. So Also often tights

Good for you... I think that lady who wears a dress or skirt bare legged are only half dressed. Hose makes the outfit complete.

I think it makes women look much sexier ;O)

It is so refreshing to see a lady who is honest and appreciative of the perspective and purpose of wearing tights.They are a prctical garment,but they also have huge sex appeal.<br />
Women with bare legs ALWAYS look inferior.<br />
I would be most interested to know how you wear yours.

I enjoy pantyhose myself. I have been wearing them since I was 16 year old. Now I am under doctor's orders to wear thights (not support hose) to help to prevent blood clots in my legs.I am so happ to have a femal doctor. :)

I've never understood women that do not like wearing tights/pantyhose either. I'm glad to hear that you encourage your daughters to do the same.

When my wife and I started dating 10 years ago, I told right upfront that I loved it when women wore pantyhose. And yes, I admitted to her that they were a sexual turn-on too.<br />
<br />
To my amazement, she agreed to wear them as often as possible, and she hasn't yet let me down.<br />
<br />
The fact that she still-3 kids later-wears them almost daily, and doesn't mind it when I'm all over her while she lays face-down on the bed with her skirt up is a testament to her love and dedication to me. This is why I never go elsewhere [internet or otherwise] to seek out satisfaction for my fetish.<br />
<br />
In short, honesty and being open from the beginning has resulted in a decade of hosiery pleasure for me, and from what I recently learned -her too.

I so love pantyhose... My boyfriend loves them. He is the one that got me into wearing them and now I love it... They make me feel super SEXY...

I enjoyed all your posts. I wish my wife shared your attitude and preferences for tights and hosiery. She wears them when I ask her too, but she's not as into them as you or I. Got any tips on ways I can convince her "our way" is the better way?

Wow! This is an amazingly wonderful post. I love pantyhose as well. I so desperately wish that there were more women like yourself who loved and enjoyed wearing pantyhose. <br />
<br />
The look of pantyhose on womens legs is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen in my life. The feeling of pantyhose on womens legs in the most amazing thing I have ever felt in my life. <br />
<br />
I love wearing pantyhose myself, though I realize most women might not be huge fans of their man wearing pantyhose, the feeling is just WAY too amazing to resist. I don't wear them everyday, but honestly feel a 'need' to wear them once in awhile under pants or dress slacks to work.<br />
<br />
By far, the most amazing thing I've ever felt is to just lay in bed with a woman, us both wearing pantyhose and just cuddling and slowly rubbing our pantyhose covered legs together. It's an EXTREMELY arousing experience, but personally, I prefer it, even to 5ex.<br />
<br />
Pantyhose encasement is another wonderful adventure that most guys with pantyhose fetish should try. It really is an amazing experience to be completely encased and covered (whole body) in soft, silky, stretchy, smooth, sheer, shiny, sparkly, sexy, tingling feeling pantyhose and to be just laying in bed with a woman who is also completely encased in pantyhose and just gently and slowly rubbing on each other's pantyhose covered bodies is quite an amazing experience.<br />
<br />
I love pantyhose so much, I can hardly stand it. :-) I sure wish more women realized how incredible and breathtakingly beautiful they look in those sexy things. They are the most amazingly feminine thing that a woman can wear (in my book).

Legs without Pantyhose is like being in the desert without water, I couldn't live without mine, not only are they the most comfortable thing a pair of legs will ever feel, they are also, one of the most sensual.....for me anyway.................Long Live Pantyhose ..:)

Glad to hear it. Iove seeing women in hose. I actaully have put some on myself a few times

So good see a confident woman who admits loving hose, and is raising more confident women in hose.. Hose are the perfect make up for legs. Nothing says a woman is more put together, classy and sexual than a nice pair of hose.

I love pantyhose and glad to see women who like wearing and would like to find a lady to chat with who doesnt mind a straight guy who likes to wear on occasion

Hose with a skirt just make a woman look more put together. Women spend hours on their hair and make up and then go out the door with bare legs under a skirt or dress. It just doesn't make sense. Most women do not have the legs for this. Hose make legs look better in so many ways.

I love to wear pantyhose too. As mentioned in confessions, I haven't been able to wear them freely for very long now, but now that I can I wear them everyday and really enjoy it. I love being a girl and the feeling of bein' in a good pair of pantyhose is such a pleasant one.

Hey balletgirl, I really do think that tights make women feminine. It's great you try people wearing them.

I think legs look better in tights or pantyhose. I can't stand the baggy pants and flip flops. My fiancé wears hosiery to work, and she doesn't mind when I wear them either. I find them comfortable and can't understand why women say they aren't.


Thank you. I think women in pantyhose look so sexy too!