Auntie'S Fashion Show Part 12

I knew that I was going to be late meeting up with Eunice but I was still tingling with the experience of seeing Auntie dominating the fat guy, Mr Lever, in the bookshop. As I turned into the road leading to the Church I could see a red Mercedes SLK parked on the side of the road outside the Church. That will be Eunice. The gates to the Church car park are closed when there is no service so she had sensibly stopped on the roadside although there was a small pull in directly opposite. I chose to pull into this parking spot. I got out of my car and looked across the road. I was side-on to the car so I was able to see through the driver’s side window that Eunice was alone. She was examining her face in the vanity mirror. She was a brunette, tanned and with red painted finger nails – that’s all I could see. As I started to walk across the road I saw her put on a pair of fine metal-rimmed glasses and take another look at herself in the mirror. I walked directly across to the car expecting her to turn and acknowledge me, but she didn’t. Strange. I was going to knock on the window but thought that it would make her jump, which wouldn’t be a good start. She put the sun visor up and put her hands back on the steering wheel. I stood right by her door and looked in at her; she was oblivious to the fact that I was standing there.
She drummed her fingers on the steering wheel a couple of times then looked at her nails on her left hand. She picked at a tiny piece of skin at the side of her nail then looked at her nails on her right hand. Happy that her nails were right she put her hands on her legs. And what long legs! I know that Susan had told me on Sunday that Eunice had long legs but now I could see them for myself. Eunice rubbed her legs by the knees and then she started to pinch the nylon of her hose as she wanted them tighter. Pinch, pinch, pinch on the right leg; each pinch higher up her thigh than the last one to draw the nylon higher up towards the top of her thigh. Then she did it on the left leg in the same way. Those bright red, long finger nails plucking at brown nylon. She must be totally unaware that I am looking in at her doing this! But the best bit was about to happen! She arched her back and raised her hips off the seat, flipped her white pleated skirt up and started to pinch and pull the slack nylon into the body of the pantyhose. They were sheer to waist and she was wearing just pantyhose. I looked at the centre of her pelvic area where her mound was thrust upwards. No sign of any hair at all. Her pantyhose had a gusset and, just like Auntie was wearing at the bookstore earlier, there was no cotton panel. I could make out the dark slit of her womanhood under the nylon. Eunice was now performing final straightening checks on the body seam, she pulled and pinged back the join of the gusset with the body seam, flipped her skirt back in place and sat back down again. I don’t think that I was supposed to have watched that sequence of her getting comfortable and now I have an obvious hard-on.
I decided that if she hadn’t seen me walk up to the car, she wouldn’t see walk away but, just incase she was to turn and look, I walked slowly backwards so that I could change to walking forwards again! I got right back to my car and she didn’t notice. I unlocked my car again and opened the door and slammed it hard. Then I walked around the front of the car and started to walk towards the Mercedes from more of a front angle. I saw her tip her head to one side then she rolled down the window.
“Hi, you must be John” she said cheerily.
“Hi, that’s me. So you’re Eunice. I’m so sorry for keeping you waiting. Have you been here long?”
“Only a few moments” she replied. [Long enough to adjust yourself and give me a stunning display of your hair-free pubic mound under your pantyhose, I thought]
“I have the keys to the Church with me. Shall I go and unlock and then come back and carry your things or shall we take the equipment with us now?” I asked this in a gentlemanly way having remembered that Susan had told me that Eunice likes gentlemen.
“Let’s unload now and get in as quick as possible” she replied.
I laughed. “I didn’t know that we had to rush” I joked.
“Oh, sorry, no, it’s not that we have to hurry with the setting up or anything, it’s me and what I’m wearing!” she admitted through her open window.
“What’s wrong with what you have on?” I asked, looking at her yellow v-necked shirt. She had the collar ‘popped’ and several of the buttons undone. I could see some cleavage and I reckoned that if she bent forward there would be no difficulty in engaging in breast ogling.
“I’m half tennis, half normal. I’ve just finished my tennis coaching session and was in my tennis outfit from home. After tennis, I had my shower, then I realized that I left most of my clothes at home. I’ve got this shirt and sandals and that’s it.”
I couldn’t help gasping. “That’s it? Surely you’re not sitting in your car in just a shirt!” [I was playing innocent of course]
“Oh John, Susan said that you were so innocent, well, not completely innocent from what I’ve heard!”
Wow! She’s already letting on that she knows what I did to Susan on Sunday. Is she game for something similar?
“Of course I’m not just in a shirt, although there isn’t much else. In total I have a shirt, my white pleated tennis skirt, an emergency pair of pantyhose and sandals.”
“And underwear” I prompted.
It was her turn to laugh. “Oh no. I wasn’t going to put on my sports bra and panties after the session that I had, now being all nicely showered and all.”
“Well, I could hang around here if you would like to drive home and get dressed so that you’re not embarrassed. I’m not in a rush.” I offered.
“John, you are a darling. I can see why Susan likes you so much, you’re so thoughtful. Anyone else would probably be desperate to see me exposing myself just in pantyhose but that’s so considerate of you. It’ll be at least a half hour through traffic just to get home and who knows how long to get back? Personally, from what you’ve said, I will be comfortable setting the equipment up as we agreed. But … I don’t want you to feel bad, uncomfortable or whatever else you might feel working with me when I’m almost undressed. Your call”
“Well, Eunice”, I responded slowly and thoughtfully to give the impression that I wasn’t gagging to see her get out of the car, “If you’re happy then I’m happy. I guess that you know that I’ve had quite a few experiences of seeing women in pantyhose and heels recently. However, I give you my word that I will not take advantage of how you are dressed.”
“Yes I have heard about your experiences on Sunday. Let’s not rule out being taken advantage of otherwise there is a possibility that we might both go home unsatisfied! But there is a real job of work to be done first”.
She gave a confirmatory nod; I stepped forward and took the door handle and opened the driver’s door like a true gentleman. Maybe a true gentleman would not have stood by the door hinge – the perfect location to see right up the skirt of a lady exiting a vehicle. Eunice put out a long leg. Amazingly, because of the way she was sitting, the front pleats of her tennis skirt slipped between her thighs denying me a look at the gusset. I looked down under the door for my first glimpse of her feet. Yellow strappy sandals and bright red toenails. I felt my stomach muscles knot up. She swung her other leg out of the car and stood up. She was tall, and in her high heels she was taller than me!
“It’s not often that a woman is taller than I am” I commented.
“I’m 5’10” in bare feet so I’m nearer to being 6’2” today in these sandals. I’m disproportionate though, the length is in the legs and not so much in the body, see?”
She stepped away from the car and lifted a leg out sideways and put her arms out too. This was my first invite to inspect Eunice. Her dark hair was cut in a bob. Her physique was very toned almost muscular. Her yellow blouse was quite close against her breasts which I knew to be free inside. She had a small waist so that her little white pleated tennis skirt looked like a badminton shuttlecock. But it was her legs. Slim, toned, wrapped in mid brown pantyhose and very, very, long. The yellow sandals had a declared 4” heel and just 3 straps holding the sandal to her foot. The pantyhose were ‘sandal-toe’ and her bright red toenails finished off the image beautifully.
She must have been reading my mind.
“35 inches. It’s difficult to get pantyhose that is long enough and tight enough. Manufacturers seem to think that if you have 35” legs you must have a 32” waist. Mine is 24” and I haven’t got fat thighs either. Trouble is that the gusset can droop if the legs aren’t long enough. As I said these are an ‘emergency pair’ that I had in the car. Just ignore me if I start hitching them up but I do like the nylon to be tight up against me.”
I seem to be the kind of guy that woman just spill out to. She didn’t need to tell me any of that but I suppose she is expressing confidence in me.
She stood normally again and looked around.
“I suppose I needn’t have worried. This is a quiet neighborhood so no one will see me.”
“Well, what if they did? You look stunning and you could go anywhere dressed like that because your body is fantastic!”
“Thank you, that’s very nice of you to say that. I’m so thankful that I feel at ease with you. Susan summed you up very well but I swore that I wouldn’t repeat what she said.” She giggled and walked around to the back of the car. “Maybe you would lift the equipment out. If I so much as bend forward I’m going to be flashing the neighborhood with my bare rear”
“That’s the beauty of pantyhose though.” I offered. “You can safely wear just pantyhose with nothing else and it gives sufficient protection, what with the cotton gusset blocking the view.”
“You’re right. I usually do wear my pantyhose on their own but this pair, I think, only has a continuation of the nylon into the gusset. It’s still shaped for comfort but it is just a thin denier of nylon. You’re bound to see it sooner or later, see?”
With that, Eunice lifted the pleats at the front of her skirt and confidently showed me where the panel of nylon was stretched across her shaven pubic area, the dark vertical line of her entrance obvious under the thin nylon.
“What can I say? I’ve already said that ‘your body is fantastic’. That is awesome, beautiful .. I’m stuck for words.”
“You’ve seen 11 other women just in pantyhose recently. I’m Number 12.”
“I don’t think so. You are Number 1. Most definitely”
“Really? What about Susan? I mean she is awesome. And her friend Fiona, you know, the dentist. She is always just in pantyhose and no bra too.”
“I know, seen it – done it. But even against them you win, hands down.”
“You know. I feel really good right now. I thought that I had screwed up forgetting my clothes but you’ve settled me down.”
She broke into song. “I feel good … da da da da da.” She gyrated with her hands in the air twizzling her hips so that the pleats of her skirt lifted in the created breeze and the join at the top of her legs came into view once more.
I lifted the equipment out of the car and joined in the song with her. Together, as if lovers, we danced and sang our way to the front door of the Church to set up Eunice’s cameras.
I’ve a feeling that I’m going to be feeling good soon, too. Find out in Part 13.
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