I am obsessed with pantyhose and I am wearing them right now, I LOVE to wear pantyhose anytime and everytime I can the way they make me feel is so very awesome, I will wear them 24/7 when the time comes that I finally become the woman I have always always wanted to become, I can not stop wearing pantyhose and I will wear them everyday no matter what when I become a woman. I really can not explain why I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE wearing pantyhose. I have been wanting to be a woman for as long as I can remember.
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I too wear pantyhose every day and absolutely love how they look and feel on my legs !

Why do you have to be a "women" to wear pantyhose ? I wear them daily because the way feel, and I am not a "woman". I hunt with my male buddy's, fish and work. I do many "male" dominated actions wearing hose. Some of them know and some dont - but then I dont try to hide it or flont it. I also enjoy dressing in my home, been caught a few times by strangers but the close family knows. Its the way the ball bounces ! Enjoy your life and have fun

I would still wear pantyhose even if I didn't want to be woman, I yearn and ache to be a woman, I want it more than anything to be a woman!!!!

Mm yes pantyhose are sexy and feel sexy

Yes it a bit if a turn in. Do u wear panties with them or no panties

Mmm naughty and cheeky

I can't my wife is here at the moment