Ahhh Memories Of Catholic School.

 I remember going to  a catholic school my whole life, since i was in 2nd grade, i remember being fascinated by girls legs in their red tights, dangling their shoes and dipping their feet in and out of their shoes. It didn't stop since, footsies with the girl in front of me during church in 5th   grade, talking to one girl in 6th grade about her super shiny metallic pantyhose, and how good they made her feet and legs look. 8th grade, their was a girl in my Math AP class who let me rub her pantyhosed legs.  I knew i had to try them, and was always stealing a pair from my mothers drawer, would always sneak a few out and put them on and fantasize. 10+ years later and I'm still loving pantyhose, and having them on almost every day. 

IcyJn1S IcyJn1S
22-25, M
Feb 10, 2010