When I Started Wearing Pantyhose

As with so many others I have had my first experience with Pantyhose at home stealing my mother's hose and wearing them secretly under my clothes.

Exactly when, why and how old I was, I can not remember. It does not matter. I think it is as much born into a person as much as the influence from ones pears at a young age.

Although it was not always in my face a recall sitting on my moms lap at a young age and just running my hands over her legs when she was in hose. The feeling of the hose attracted me. I guess I wanted to feel what it feels like. If it feels that good to touch them, it must feel good to wear them. And that is how i first started. The feeling was incredible. The arousal always as it still is today so strong.

I would wear them while I sleep and in the morning quickly take them off. I would find excuses to stay at home through the years to be able to wander around the house in just Ph. The feeling "being in the open' was so exhilarating.

This was probably around the age of 10 or so. my mom did aerobics and i would wear PH with her leotards and go for a swim when nobody was home. I later progressed to going for a swim at night with PH on as nobody would niotice as I slip past them with a t-shirt on and a towel around my waist.

I would ********** in the pool (ueah I know sick but I was young, dumb and full of *** as they say) knowing that they are all there. A few meters from me in the living room.

My mom also had this short yellow (not my color but it fit) minidress from the seventies. I would wear it every now and again with her open toe strap 3 inch high heels (my feet were too big to fit into her other pumps) and walk around the house.

At some stage i would venture as far as to wait until the dead of night and wear the dress, heels, and PH for a quick walk around the block. Sticking close to the garden bushes next to the road in case a car comes by. The feeling of walking in "public" was amazing. I would promptly go back to my room to ********** of course.

AS years went on I grew way to much for wearing her clothes. Loose fitting dresses maybe but had to resort to buying mini skirts every once in a while for myself. As well as the hose.  I would eventually at some stage get the quilt trip and throw everything away just to save up and buy it all again.

The high heels never featured again since i wear a size 12 but the hose and PH just made me feel so good and is such a turn on.

I am straight, and i know you are thing "yeah right" but just love, adore worship women. Everything women. I do not wish to be one but wish perhaps that I had the freedom to dress as one or wear the clothes they wear because I like it. It has been many, many years since I did the dress up thing, althoough I do wear a bodysuit or two, some panties and although not everyday but almost, pantyhose.

I guess this is probably why I started to look at crossdressers more and more. Yes I get turned on by them, some but it is another story. Maybe because they can and i can not not.

Clearly I have come to accept my love and fetish (as it is both at diffirent times). Starting to wear it publicly with shorts....although my girfriend does not like the idea of venturing where people knows us. She will get over it eventually and life will be bliss.

My girlfriend of 7 years knows I wear PH almost everyday. We have sex in hose which is the greatest. It is a common attire for me to wear hose. (and yes it makes legs ache less)

So this is my introductory story.

It is impossible to say all I want to say, my views, my experiences etc. But they will come with time.







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A very nice, sweet introduction of yourself to me. Thank you. I also cross dress, and also have my boundaries (self-imposed really), because I don't want to lose my wife's love. But she understands, and is never critical when I prance about the house in either nighties or nightgowns. I dress fully only on occasion with her. But have also set up two rendezvous with men from EP who have taken me out on dates. Very exciting and stimulating to BE a woman in public.

I also prefer thigh high stockings. Love the way they grip my thigh, and I also make love to my wife while wearing my stockings all the time (my Viagra)

Love, Marcy

Awesome story..i kinda started off the same way...nylons were left in the bathroom and i just tried them on one day, loved the way they looked and felt:) I enjoy them with my gf today at bedtime and play time but would love to fully dress and go out at night, i think i could pull it off...Halloween is the only time to do it without anyone noticing..lol..

Tara, I have wondered that myself. Why don't more men try girls clothes on? I'm sure if they did they would like it. All those metro guys would prolly like some silky hose, panties and a tight skirt just like we do!

Wow This is a great experiance and I thank you very much for sharing it with all of us. Like many of us we share the love of feeling like a woman. I know many more are straight than gay. Myself I have experimented with my bi side but I am happily married with a very supportive wife. I love my girl side and I love my guy side, so with that being said. Like you I love the feel of pantyhose and can't understand how everybody hasn't tired it.

PHSensei, you are aking the words out of my mouth, so to speak. The GF is not quite there yet but likewise we are not the average couple. But we are pretty open with each other. I reckon shortly we will do the shopping and dressing up thing. Why not is my opinion.<br />
Great to meet likeminded people.

Wow, you parallel my experiences a bit. Like you I'm straight but adore women and want that feminie feeling as a way to emulate what I adore. I also like skirts and lingerie, but hose are at the top of my list.<br />
<br />
My wife knows about my hose and other fem clothing.. we shop together and its amazing to share this side of me with someone who accepts me for me.<br />
<br />
Sure we aren't "normal" but who cares... I'm happier being me than most "normal" people I know

Me too, I understand. Thanks for sharing.