My Late Sister

I've always loved anything paranormal, I have sort of 6th sense for what's around me. HAHA yes I know that was lame, but I have dreams about people who have been here before, and by here I mean whatever house I'm living in at the time or places that I visit often. Also my sister died when she was 10 days old, she is 355 days older than me so I wasn't born yet. But my family teases that I carry her on my shoulder because I have such a strong personality that I carry hers also. I had my aura picture taken once and it was really weird cause right above my shoulder was a second aura of a completely different color. Again my sister making her presence known. I dunno it all weird but I love it and I love her.
mrsundercognito mrsundercognito
22-25, F
Jan 4, 2011