Hellllooooo, Is Anybody There?

I just started my own paranormal group thinking I would at least get a dozen or so members but then I saw this group only has 2 (including me) so now I'm not so sure. Are we the only people interested in the paranormal? I find that hard to believe?

frustratedmummy frustratedmummy
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Well, there are 48 members, now.

the strangest thing that happend to me was i woke up because of a realy loud car and left the room to go to the bathroom and went into my room but glanced into the livingroom and saw a man at the computer who i described as my dead grandpa

I have been doing investigations for a long time now. I just created my own paranormal investigative group..and I'm looking for places or people to investigate. Any information would be helpful. And to your experience frustratedmummy, I really hope that you aren't scared, because it's going to be ok. Do yourself a favor and look up a name for me that is somehow related to your house.....I think that it was Michelle or an Ma sounding name. Let me know what you find.

for me the strangest thing i have had happen to me was ... i was in middle school and i had been dipping my toe into some acult stuff that i shouldnt have been doing ... i always went to church and this was my way of going against my parents....<br />
<br />
so anyway one night after doing something i went and laid down to sleep... i was on my stomach and i heard the door of my bed room open... i thought it was my brother maybe coming in to bother me about something... but anyway so i lay there and i felt something get onto my bed... when i lifted my head to tell my brother to leave my room it felt as thouh something pushed my head into my pillow... i felt a knee in my back and and my arms went up behind my back felt like someone was holding me by my wrist... so at this point i was thinking ok this isnt my brother... and thinking someone had broken into our house and that i was going to get raped or something or killed... i was so scared that i couldnt scream..... my mind was racing over a bunch of things through out my life... it stopped on a memory i had about my mother telling me that if i was ever scared that i just had to call on jesus... when i was four i told my mother that i saw shadows of people in my room that would stay at the end or side of my bed.... and that is what she told me would make them go away <br />
<br />
so back to the what happend at that point i was just screaming JESUS JESUS in my mind .... finally i was able to whisper JESUS JESUS... Suddenly it stopped and at that point i thought ok i have to fight to save my life.... i flipped around to see who i was going to have to fight... no one was there the door was closed no one had run out of the house ..... it wasnt a night terror because i was awake the whole time and didnt go back to sleep...<br />
<br />
the next day my mother was sitting next to me at the table and asked me what happend to my wrist ... i had what looked like rope burn on my wirst and they were bruised....<br />
I didnt sleep in that room ever again i made my parents switch my room to the bonus room ...<br />
<br />
thats the strangest but mostly i just get a feeling when i go into different places like different emotions like if a place feels safe or angry or bad ... i also have dreams about things that happen or things that are happening to people i love if they are going through something... mostly my dad because we are so close..<br />
hope i dont sound crazy...

oh ok, thought it just said 2 when I looked. I suppose the strangest thing that happened to me was when I was about 10. I was lying in bed in the morning and I heard someone come in to my room. I kept my eyes closed because I thought it was my mum waking me up for school and I always tried to avoid that. The foot steps got closer to my bed then I felt what I thought was my mum kiss my cheek. I opened my eyes to smile at her but there was nobody there. My cheek even felt slightly wet where I had been kissed. I jumped out of bed and ran in to my mums room, trying to make sense of it I asked her if she had come in to my room and she said no. We were the only 2 people in the house. I have had other strange things happen but that's the one that sticks in my mind the most. You?

what is the strangest thing that ever happend to you??

there are tons of people on here i think.... im one of them