So Much For Parsnippitist Dogma
Vivagalore Vivagalore
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" A 54-year-old married man admitted to self-insertion of two apples, having previously complained of assault by several men involving forced insertion of a vegetable (one cucumber and one parsnip)."

False parsnip accusations !!!!

OMG...why did he want to abuse himself further?

Scotch eggs - now you're talking

I've recently heard of a man that has to use a knife just to get a little *****, it's a sad state when you've become that sexually frustrated !


(I didn't actually laugh it right off, if you've still got that parsnip)

(made me laugh so hard I spit water )

Next time it will be wine

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Everyone seems to have gone mental, bragging about what vegetables they've had

Lmao a bunch of braggarts aren't we!

Yes. It's not normal

Yeah but, if you've ever experienced the delights of a well grown parsnip you'd understand why we can't keep our mouths shut !

Oh, it's your MOUTHS! Phew. Sorry, I think I've misunderstood this. I rescind my remark about the Scotch egg


If you can't keep your mouths shut it means you've all bitten off more than you can chew


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Ive never had parsnips..Ive had radishes! bleh

really never had parsnips?

lol 'nips 'snips and whips! lmao

How much to you wanna bet it's some Carrot activist !

i know a girl that got her cell phone stuck in her puzzy, cause she wanted to try it out to see if it would u know "go off" it did lol. but then she got a really high *** long distance bill cause she called someone in another state and it wasn't her free minutes

Whaaaat?! HAHAHAHAH!

lol it was truly a site to see

but ***** dialing? >.

i guess so!

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Can you imagine?? How embarrassing would it be to go to the hospital! A parsnip? I can imagine someone thinking, "Hmmm....maybe just for a second or two. What could go wrong?"

"I'll be really quick" ^-^

"Mom, why are you laughing? No, really Mom, I want to know!"

"I washed it!" lololol

Heaven - as long as it's only your stomach that hurts! [snorts, guffaws, disintegrates and helplessly collapses at my own wit]

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