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Not All Monkey Business

Partytested would like us to believe he's all about the parties, pleasures, and erotica. Heaven knows, if he pleasures his woman by only half of the things he writes!..... *fanning flushed face* Whew! She is one lucky lady! 

But this is only a few eliments of intrigue Party has brought to the community. If you get to know him at all you will discover his love of family, responsibilities, and knowledge of diverse subjects and topics.

I think one of the most Amusing conversations we've had (long ago) involved two simulatanious memos discussing erotic experiences on one, and and watching Disney movies on Family Night in the other! lol. Party is a prime example of showing how one can be a passionate lover, caring parent, and sensible man.... err, monkey! And of coarse, the primate of choice on getting a party started! 

emerald emerald 36-40, F 4 Responses Jul 13, 2009

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Actually, PT... when you think about it, it's almost perverse! LMAO! Talking about the kids AND erotica at the same time! :O But then again.... I guess that's HOW the kids got here! BWahahahahahahaah!

Yeah, I'm so sweet, I'll make your teeth ache! ;P <br />
HEY! Watch where you're putting that mouth and those teeth, CJ! BWahahahahahaa

Great story. And you are a very sweet young lady............

And being called a "young lady" put a huge goofy smile on MY face! ;P heheehe