Passion Flowers Are Gorgeous!

I love passion flowers! They grow wild down here in the hard clay of Georgia. They are  gorgeous vines with beautiful flowers as you can see by the pictures. They bear this magnificant fruit which is indescribably delicious. You can make juice from it, flavor ice cream and add to a light fruit salad! Not being a native southerner, my husband said there used to be more of them everywhere and when they were kids, they called them "maypops" as they popped the fruit. He said he never ate one until I brought one in to try. Now we both love them. :-)

JojoWazoo JojoWazoo
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4 Responses Mar 14, 2009

The very one and the same. It's delicious tea too! I'm a huge tea drinker. It has such a fabulous flavor!

Is this the flower they make Passion Fruit tea from? I just love that tea. It can be hard to find and I buy it bulk loose.

I think boys will be boys. They probably had peach and watermelon fights instead of eating them too! LOL I think we're both lucky to have each other!

It is interesting to hear that your husband, who grew up with these flowers, never ate the fruit. Mmmmm He is lucky to have you...DD