Some people manage to live without it.  Sometimes I envy them.

To live without a crush on anything must be easy.  No passion, no cry.


Passion has wings.  It lifts one up.  The limit is the sky.

It intensifies life, can make it sometimes unbearable.  That's the other side.  The one who's passionate is a willing prey to flames.

But passion also is a faculty of intelligence, a way to grasp the world and come to terms with it and with one's own existence.  It is more dangerous, more adventurous and more fulfilling to live passionately.

I'm not passionate for just one thing.  The one we all think of.  I'm as passionate for several other and very different things.  Writing is one of them.  To study is another. 

I can loose myself completely in what I'm doing.  

And passion is not the enemy of reason.

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56-60, M
Mar 12, 2010