Love Long Passionate Kissing

Love long deep slow passionate kissing, I could kiss for hours to me it's more intense then making love it's the part that makes making love great and even if we don't make love I would be satisfied with a good kissing partner, one thing I can't handle is just a peck huh I think to myself what was that, the song by Cher it's all in the kiss is so true, I believe you actually know by the first kiss.
debbiemonsinger debbiemonsinger
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3 Responses Sep 18, 2012

Thanks for sharing. I agree we do not have to have intercourse. I just expect a good kisser with lots of French kissing with great tongue action. I spent an entire evening and did not stop until 4 am the following morning from tongue kissing a guy for 8 hours. No we did not have sex. All we did is kiss.

You express your thoughts very well! I completely agree with everything you wrote!

I agree. I remember one night not too long ago, my Boyfriend and I had a 2 hour session of passionate kissing. Can you believe nothing else came after? Ha! Pats self on the back!

uh huh sometimes that's all we need, hugs