Kiss Me...

The eyes meet as they move closer to each other.

He reaches for the small of her back
Pulling her closer
As his hand strokes her face, caressing her cheek.

With eyes locked
Her arms reach out
One hand behind his neck
The other rests on his chest.

His gaze slowly lowers to her mouth
Eager and knowing;
She bit her lower lip
Uncertain yet knowing.

Mouths partly opened
Attracting each other
Closer and closer
Their lips touch lightly
Their breaths fuse as one
Inhaling and exhaling
Until their mouths lock
Tasting each other's longing
Gentle and inviting
And pausing...
To see the fervour reflecting in those eyes
Knowing they desire more.

And their lips meet once again
Raw and helpless
Their tongues enticing and arousing
Intense and hungry
Arms caressing, stroking
Weak to protest
Powerless to desist
Succumbing, yielding, surrendering 
To the rapture of that kiss.

Sylphy Sylphy
41-45, F
45 Responses Feb 17, 2010

Thank you for your kind words, Shall...<br />
<br />
As for a proper kiss... go watch Gone with the Wind. Might make you fall over though. ;p

The kisses I get are lip to lip but no tongues. However unlike so many I have kissed they are dry and soft kisses but you can feel the need in him to kiss me even for just a second. Our kisses are usually in a hurry so we do not get found out with one eye on the door or listening to hear foot steps. But sometimes illicit kisses are the best. Your words make pictures in my mind and make me long for a proper kiss that you bring alive with your words.

Sheez... thank you, Bare...<br />
<br />
You can hand me those flowers from your avi...

My pulse is racing. My face feels hot. I know I am blushing just from how I feel. I just received one of the best kisses I've ever experienced and all I did was read this over and over and over. Sylph: You are an amazing writer!

Palecowboy... thank you for your kind words... those were a lot of descriptives...<br />
<br />
*gives Dean the look... eyebrows going up and down... hands Dean a golf club*... we don't want you to miss your shot, do we now?... *winks*...

Oooohhh... been missing those bum tingles... I must make a story soon!....... let's see now... where can I post one???

LOL!......... *whacks Dean*... naughty kilted knight you are...<br />
<br />
*still rubbing light bulb*...

I know!!!........ must do something about it... hmm... *Sylph needs to rub light bulb for ideas*... this damn anaesthesia probably killed some brain cells... sheez...

Chief... an inspiration to write... what else? Though the imagination can do wonders... hmm... let me ponder on this... *winks*...<br />
<br />
Ohhhh yyyyyeahhhh, Ever... bloody dead or not, he still gives you bum tingles dreaming about it, no???

I need an inspiration...

Until???........ That would be another story, GM... *winks*...

Arousing......... oh hell, yyyyyeahhhhh...<br />
<br />
Thanks, Chief... *hugs*

Gee, thanks, Spring. *hugs*<br />
<br />
It was the kiss that was powerful and amazing. ;)

Geez...this bouncing is addicting, ay? <br />
Love to bounce... ;)<br />
<br />
*have a good day, folks!*and thank you*

Not too hard though...might bleed...then it would be sore...ouch...then you can't kiss...

*bounces up and down* I'm coming!!!

Okay, I'll bite my lips now whenever I'm anticipating something if that is what does it for you ROj! Normally I just bounce up and down. GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER ALL OF YOU! lol.<br />
<br />
It's lunch time Roj *bites lower lip*....

Oh, she does, Roj...she does........she anticipates it very, very much... ;)<br />
<br />
*hugs to both of you*

LOL! I thought he likes the upper lip better than the lower lip...and I'm like...Does it even matter??? D-uh...there goes my dorkiness again... haha

WG as far as I'm concerned anything goes as long as it's passionate! Mmmm slow and passionate, deep and passionate, soft and passionate... so much latitude.<br />
<br />
Thanks for stepping in Sylph... from your story I had the impression the heroine (!) bites her lip in anticipation..

No, no Sylph you've got it all wrong. I thought Roj liked it when I bit his lips, not mine! LOL!

You two are just heaven-sent... *laughing with tears here* :D<br />
<br />
Yes, Roj...biting the lower lip...must be her habit... ;)<br />
<br /> as long it's as passionate as Roj can give it to you. ;)

Ha ha WG. I had abstracted it from my own personal experience... no direct bearing at all...

*raises eyebrows* I thought you liked it the other way round Roj! Perhaps I'll try biting My lower lip from now on! lol

Mmmmmmm. I was wondering where that kiss came from - missed this story Sylph!!! Thank you... beautifully described. I like the 'bit her lower lip' line. Makes it all real.

Heart...I am blessed that you have read and liked my stories. Thank you again. :)

Wow! You are a very gifted writer.I love reading others stories.Ive ony read this one and the one about the fog.But I plan to read more.Be blessed.

LOL, Deanze! The in betweens are as best as the first and last. Thanks for the comment. :)

Thank you, Gchick. I was holding mine, too as I tried to finish the story. ;)

oh my GOD! thats was a breathtaking piece to read- I literally held my breath while I was reading it- I had a kiss like that once, and I wish so much I could experience that again. Girl, that was awesome.

Hey, Omniel! You're back early... :) Thank you for the comment.

LMAO! Yes, an assignment it is. And I'm pretty sure you will ace it...with us and with your hubby! ;)

Thanks again, the next story will be how it turned out for you when he comes home. I'll be waiting for your story, Taken..... ;)

If I could have written this earlier in the day, I would have just told you to go and follow him at work and just do it! ;) LOL That would have been a real surprise for him. ;)<br />
Thanks, honey. *hugs*

Awww...thanks Kitti. I want to capture the kiss and not just the feeling LOL...but it's just in my head right now...gotta make it happen...hmmm ;)<br />
And have a fantastic avatar, honey *stalking here* LOL ;) *hugs*

ohh I love this , its so romantic , you have captured the feeling and emotion so perfectly ..thank you for posting this truly ..Sylph ... you have a fantastic talent =-)

Yowza??? LOL<br />
Thanks, Jimmy...I was at a loss, too after writing this. Just takes you to that place...hmmm...

I need to catch my breath ...<br />
<br />
Yowza! That was quite a kiss. So romantic. <br />
<br />
At a loss for words. :-X<br />
<br />
You never cease to amaze Sylph.

Aw, shucks! LOL.....but don't let the passion dry up...just don't...<br />
Keep it alive and burning...flames glowing...the heat rising...your soul melting...<br />
And when he comes back..........well, h-e-l-l-o, honey!!! ;)

lol. I wish Sylph but he is 600 km away! I'll have to blow him one and hope all the passion hasn't dried up before it gets to him!

Awww...thanks, go run to Roj and do it, girl! GO! ! ! ;)

Brava! Bellissimo.

Bells...thank you...I was hoping you'll love it. *hugs, honey* :)<br />
<br />
LOL, J...then just go grab someone there...I'm sure she would love it...just follow the steps above. ;)<br />
But thank you..........Hey! You actually read one of my stories!!! ;)

Love it !!<br />
<br />
Described beautifully :)

No competition, know that...all for fun and sharing...even the kiss! lol ;)