Pardon My French...

When shared with the right person a kiss is a vividly amazing, passionately rewarding, sensationally awakening, satisfyingly intense experience. That all consuming perpetual moment seems to linger long after the kiss' time elapsed. That kinda kiss is never just a kiss. I could take this opportunity to write an entire Mills & Boon depiction of passionate kissing, but I think I should leave the soft core to the experts! To me, passionate kissing is so much more than it's sexual connotation. It represents an innocence and purity too.

I still recall my fairy tale perception of how perfect a passionate kiss was. I'll never forget the immaculate kisses shared between the protagonists in stories like Beauty & the beast, Snow White, Cinderella and Aladdin. It's the cure, the reason, the truth, the fantasy in reality. It's that foot popping moment and that memorable high. I dreamed about what it would be like.

When I had my first kiss I was rather disappointed. No sparks, no flashing lights, no romantic background music, no tingly feeling. Just saliva, teeth and utter gross weirdness! Of course it progressed over time as I grew accustomed to and fond of it, but I never experienced the true emotional side to it. I only realized the true beauty of a real passionate kiss when I met my first boyfriend. It was one of those movie moments where it seemed time just stood still. Our eyes met and- well, you get the picture!

I love passionate kissing. I love getting lost in the moment and being swept away by the feeling. A real kiss is more than just the act itself, it's the connection between 2 people. A mutual giving and taking. An enlighteningly blissful release of energy. Passion drives humanity. I want to be that driven, always.

Dariah Dariah
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6 Responses Mar 3, 2010

Dariah, Very well written, i should say nice way of expressing the feeling of kiss wow that is very nice thank you..

..oh yes!! I like it, I've been there and look forward to more. i get excited just thinking about how we will kiss again when we finally get together......yes!!

Once I start kissing my man and our tongues start to play magic in our mouth, we keep on kissing and kissing, drinking in each other saliva, some of it start to drool over the corners of our mouth, we suck back in and resume our passionate kiss once again. Its like someone said here fireworks, I feel him getting stiff, he feels me getting soaking wet, the sex that follows after a passionate kiss is the best there is. ..

no other word than amazing could describe this

Thank you! I'm glad you took the time to read it.

giirrrll!! that was simply beautiful :) i gotta applaud u for sharing that.