I Miss My Sex Life

Sometimes I feel like I can not get enough sex from my guy. I crave him constantly....my body aches to feel his hands and mouth devouring my entire body. I long to feel that closeness and intimacy....to feel as one with him. I yearn for that euphoric release his pleasure brings.

I think about sex all the time. But I don't desire sex with just anyone. I seldom fantasize about meaningless, hot sex with some nameless, faceless stranger. I long for him and only him. I ache for the familiarity of his touch...his kiss. There is no mystery left after all these years, but that is part of what excites me....draws me to him. I crave that comfort of someone who knows me inside and out.

I'd have sex with him three times a day every day if I could.... Oh, how I miss those days when that was a possibility.
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1 Response May 21, 2012

at least you feel the need to have it with him 3 times, my case i would love to have it too but dont know which women is the ONE.