Ramen Drained Gross

Ramen counts as pasta, right? I don't think there's a difference. Anyway, last Friday, I burnt myself draining the salty 'Ramen Juice' out of the cup. I put ice on the burn, and that made it worse! So, I had to put an ace-bandaid on it. Imagine doing Tae Kwon Do with one of those on. It wasn't to hard, but it hurt a little. XD And earlier today (7-21-10), I advoided another thrird-deree burn by emptying the sink, poured ALL of the ramen into the sink, and let the salt juice go down the drain. After that, I shoveled up the ramen back into the cup with my HANDS. It sounds GROSS, but I've also put my mouth on the faucet in my bathroom...whenever I brush my teeth! I'm mondo gross...so...SUFFER!!! >:D
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Jul 21, 2010