Pasta's Good Cos

Well, the thing with pasta is, if you cook it right, you can eat it with pretty much anything.

as longas you cook i good then anything goes with it. like uhh... well i have seen chocolate spaghetti but that looked nasty. i've had pasta with just tomato ketchup... that wasn't all that nice either. and creamed mushrooms.

not ******* tuna though, no way.

also, recently, i have developed an obsession with spaghetti and a hate for penne. does anyone else find those crappy slanted tubes just a bit lame after a while? theyre so boring and meaningless. much better conchiglie or whatever. especially short penne. i've half a mind to change the group imagel then again i've only half a mind...

thesamwebb thesamwebb
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5 Responses Feb 14, 2009

Chocolate Spaghetti! What sick people make that!


It's so you can click on it see groups about the underlined words.

******* sacreligious more like.<br />
i also hate how ep underlines random words from mah stories

Tuna and pasta is ******* delicious!