Sir Paul Mccartney Official Day

Sir Paul, deserves a tribute everywhere, all around the world.

Sign the petition, spread it all over, and Let It Be, pleaseeeeeee

It's a simple idea... Simple, yet powerful... Many people all over the world, could get the message and share the love, in no time... Still, more is needed... That's not enough... He is known as the most successful songwriter of all time, and he surely is!... Sir Paul McCartney has touched our lives in s many ways... And he deserves all kinds of tributes! :) ... No one can have SUCH a huge influence on people of different, not just ages; but, generations... Even those who have not been able to experience it all, it still feels like they did!... They all enjoy it, and feel it, equally... from a 5 year old kid, to a 60 years old man; all in tears out of excitement and passion... I don't think any musician in this world is able to do that; with all due respect to each and everyone of them...
Wow... He must be proud! like I am... :)

He deserves to have his special day, other than his birthday, a VERY special day... A Paul McCartney Official Day...

Paul's first song released to the world, was "Love Me Do", with The Beatles. Was released in the UK, on October 5th, 1962. That's his day :))... He wrote songs before that one, but that was the first to be released :)...

That's it then, October 5th :) "Sir Paul McCartney Official Day" .

It all starts with a thought... A little thought... An idea, that could reach millions!... We want it to be big, so that as much people as possible, would know the appreciation and respect we have for this great man... Who knows? it might reach Sir Paul himself! and I'm sure he's going to be very happy, and touched :)

Believe in the laws of attractions? and power of The Secret :) ... Start doing so, and this will work magically... :)

On that day, all Paul fans are asked to not only celebrate, but be an inspiration... Share thoughts, quotes, trivia, photos, videos and songs of course for our one and only Paul McCartney :)

Show the world how much you love that man, and appreciate him and his music... How Sir Paul affects your lives, inspires, and delights you... Do whatever you can do! and be creative :))
Who knows, maybe you would be a reason for making others aware of his magic and exceptional talent :) or for spreading certain songs, that weren't known to some before, or haven't listened to from a long time.

If you have any other ideas, or suggestions; please care to share :)) ♥

Please invite everyone, and spread the word!! :)))

To cut it short... Show the love, spread the love, and Let It Be ♥ :)

Sign the petition, spread it all over, and Let It Be, pleaseeeeeee

I created a group on facebook to promote that petition too, please join and invite friends )
sarahm88 sarahm88
1 Response Sep 6, 2010

:) I personally believe that all four of the Beatles deserve their own day. This is a great idea