Paul And My Boys

I have been a Beatle fan forever.  When I was a little girl my birthday present was a ticket to Shea Stadium on Aug. l5, 1965.  I was sitting only 4 rows from the field.  Just before the last song I left my seat to jump over the baseball fence to try and kiss Paul.  Well, the only thing that I got was a NY police officer carrying me off to the dugout.  My aunt saw me on the news that night.  My two companions left me when their parents came to get them and were told a family member was needed to release me from the dugout.  What a night!

Flash forward..........30+ years and there was a memorial service for Paul's lovely Linda at Riverside Church in NYC.  I grew up in that area and was there visiting my family.   My kids and I went outside the church to pay our respects.  I think they were about  ll and 6.  I didn't bring a camera because I didn't think it was an appropriate setting to try and grab a pix.  There was numerous media but few fans.  I think when people hear 122nd Riverside that scares them so they didn't come.  It is a few blocks from Harlem.  Anyway, Paul left the church and he was about 20 feet from me.  There was a barricade that  a two year old could have got around.  Due to the solemn event and that I had finally became a mature adult LOL I just made the sign of the cross in Linda's memory and threw him a kiss.  When he went into his car my kids bolted and started chasing the car.  I couldn't believe what Paul did next.  He opened the window and stuck his head out and gave my kids a huge smile and the peace sign.  Here he was in such a sad state of mind and still had the kindness in his heart to think of some little kids he didn't know.  Paul you are the greatest.  God bless you and your family.  Guess what?  My kids were on the news that night LOL.  My husband who didn't come with us was watching the news and saw them.  My boys still get a thrill out of Paul giving them the peace sign and now that they are older they really appreciate his greatness.
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I see you are a Beetle fan and so am I. But unlike you, I liked John and George the best and then Ringo and last Paul. The wrong two two died first. I shouldn't say that really but in my heart I feel it and I know other stories about Paul and his daughter is just like him as well.<br />
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I am English and grew up listening to the Beetles and worked with women from Liverpool who grew up with them as well. So keep your dreams and be of cheer about them and keep playing their records. But don't worship anyone in this world. You have the best that money can buy, your own two sons and that my dear makes you the richest person and a lucky one at that.<br />
Have a good day.<br />

Hi Sharossody, I was in Ireland in 1963 and heard a song "She Loves You" the day before I was going back to NYC. I didn't get the name or the group as it played on the "wireless" aka radio LOL. When they become famous in America in Feb. l964 I heard the song again and immediately recognized it from Ireland. I couldn't believe that I had heard them 6 months earlier. Rosey

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love your story... it's great to hear these actions from the "stars", we hear so much drivel that pulls them down, this is pure heart warming... thanks for sharing....S