Always And Forever<3

     I've loved Paul McCartney ever since I was little and started to listen to the Beatles. I've tried to send autograph requests two times with no response. Who cannot resist his charm, talent (and puppy dog eyes!??)  It may sound silly but one of my life goals is to meet him for an autograph hug or a picture. Though, if I ever saw him in public I'd probably start bawling. I am joined in Paul McCartney groups all over the internet and I regularly maintain a site on Facebook. I print out pictures to put on my walls of him then and now. I love what he does for various causes like the concert he did to stop land mines and his sponsorship of PETA.  He inspired me to go veg through his video "if Slaughterhouses had glass walls"

I listen to the Beatles, Wings, and his individual music every day. Sometimes I cry because I feel so helpless-  hes almost 70 and he doesnt know I exist-  I still love him with all my heart. If he came to Vancouver I would buy a first row seat.

Dear Paul, I love you as much as any modern teenager could!! xoxoxoxoxoxo Aishah :( 
MyVentingCorner MyVentingCorner
13-15, F
Mar 16, 2012