Pauls All Mine

im in love with paul mccartney!!!! i recently started listning to beatles songs and omg i love them!!!!!!!!!!
i dont get it how people hate paul mccartney!!! hes a sexy, gorgeous, oh so hot hottie and i love him!!!! hes made the best eva music and is like the worlds most succesful singer/songwriter!!!!!!
how did i start to like the beatles you say???
well i was doing this assingment and we had to do it on a music person and i chose the beatles. i looked at a photo of the beatles and was like "hmmmmmmm. paul is actually REALLY hot!!!" and hes been my fav beatles eva since. and i REALLY hate john lennon. he is HORRIBLE!!!!! he complained about being left by his parents when he was a kid, but he left his first child julian!!! and when paul sang the song hey jude (which was written for julian lennon) john lennon sweared in it!!!!!! you can kinda here him say it about 3 minutes into the song.
i learnt the awesomest thing the other day!!!! if you trn the key pad volume up all the way on your phone and play these numbers... 989797899897787987 it sounds like here comes the sun!!!!!
well seeeya!!!
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I feel the exact SAME way as you!!!
Paul is amazing I want a boyfriend who isike him so bad haha he's perfect to me he's so cute and sexy at the same time and his music is wonderful. Nobody I know understand that I like him so much but its just he's so cute and handsome and he's like cool and interesting at the same time.

Paul's my fav Beatle too! He is very cute, though I've read some articles where he has slept with 500-600 women during the Beatlemania. That wouldn't surprise me. He cheated on one of his first girlfriends, Jane Asher. John Lennon is a music legend, and the things he said like, "We're bigger than Jesus!" and whatnot, he probably just didn't know how to handle all the fame he and the other Beatles received. So I ask you not to hate John Lennon please? :) Though they've all done things I don't agree with, like cheating, leaving family members or wives, etc, they were just human. That doesn't make it right but we've all done stuff too. I appreciate their music and enjoy their interviews on youtube though. These were 4 young boys from Liverpool, and they had no idea how much of a legend they were going to become. They are the best band in the world!