The First Time I Saw Paul And How He Saved My Life.

The first time I saw Paul was when I was 9 years old. I saw him on TV,
it was some kind of a special that he was doing with his new band wings. I remember saying Mamma who is that ? he's cute! She told me, then brought out all her old Beatle albums and gave them to me, I was hooked, and I just fell head over heels in love with Paul.
I had a very bad childhood. My father was an alcoholic, and he had a very bad temper, anything could set him off. He would whip me with his belt for so long and so hard that the belt cut my legs, at this point my Mother would pick me up and clean up the blood that was running down my legs. What does this have to do with Paul McCartney? It was that night that I saw him, I don't know really how to explain it, there was just something about him, I loved him and could not get enough of him. As I grew up Whenever I had some money I would go and buy one of his records.
I suffered other kinds of abuse too, I was sexually hurased from the age of about 12 by a man that was an usher and van driver of our church until I got married. When I was 15 I was malested. My Mother put me into the hospital for about two and a half months, because I had tried to kill myself by sliting my wrists. The Dr. told my Mom that I was cliniclly depressed.
I convinced my Dr that I was ok, but I really was'nt. I went home, and it was sometime after that that I bought one of Paul's albums (Tug of war). There was one song that got my attention, it was "somebody who cares". I really felt like he was singing to me, how did he know that I was depressed and thinking that no one cared. That song gave me a gift, and it was hope, I was not alone, and someone did care. It didn't make all the bad stuff that was happening to me go away, but it made me smile, and like I said before it gave me hope.
I'm all grown up now, married and have raised four children. I still love Paul so much, and I wish that one day I'll be able to meet him and tell him all about how he helped a poor abused girl realize that she was not alone and someone did care, it meant so much to me, and it still does.
AngelinaR AngelinaR
41-45, F
Jul 31, 2012