The Greatest Ever Composer Of Music And Song

If i just said Greatest songwriter ever,then it would be difficult choosing between John Lennon and Macca.
But when it comes to the overall package,then McCartney is the undisputed master of Music.
It is truly amazing,the amount of Songs and Music he has composed.

I saw him live in 1991,and 1993.
Both in London.
Absolutely out of this world concerts.

As for choosing favourites,now that is tricky.

Without The Beatles or Wings,
I would choose either:

Wanderlust (on Tug Of War album)


Little Willow (on Flaming Pie album)

3 favourite Solo ALBUMS:
Flaming Pie
Flowers In The Dirt
Tug Of War
NatureHombre NatureHombre
46-50, M
3 Responses Jan 11, 2013

Very funny Mr Boatrace,i thought you were a looney.
Yes i can remember reading all the clues/coincidences in the early 1980's,
It was an interesting read that had me checking all of them.
But never believed it,just found it interesting.


Ha Ha Ha I know all about that story.
Do you honestly believe that?
Well talking about looks,there is no way he looks like he did in 1966.
He blew his mind out in a car - Oh Boy

Of course i dont believe it,its a good story though,helped sell a few more records with people looking for clues here there & everywhere. He only blew his mind out in a car because he hadn't noticed that the lights had changed.

Do you like this Macca or the original one who died in 1966 in a car crash. I must admit this one looks a lot like the original. (or perhaps you dont believe any of that stuff?