I Can't Live Without Them..

Few years ago I read The Alchemist , and I was happy about finding such a beautiful , inspiring book . It really touched my soul.
Then I've been through bad period of my life , loosing hope , loosing myself and my faith .. Felt so lost.. 
And then , I came to the bookshop and find Like the flowing river (by Coelho) , bought it and start reading it the same day.. 
It was just awesome , showing beauties of everyday casual things.. I felt much better , while reading this book , so I bought next book 
and next and next.. These books are helping me to be possitive, to be myself , to be different , more open , more happy .. 
And when I was reading Witch of Portobello , I felt like I found the meaning of life for a while.. 
Yeah , there are still moments when I feel really bad , down and depressed , but when I read these books , I am getting better , 
I need them !
Paulo Coelho made my life more colourful and reminded me things I almost forgot... I feel like there is a lot of people thinking the way I do , when I do read  his books.

I wish , one day I could thank him personally . 
Martinecka Martinecka
26-30, F
May 7, 2012