Grew Up On Them

Pissed my mom off something fierce when she went made a nice dinner and then I would get up and make me a peanut butter and jam sandwich as desert.

Finding that crunchy is better but goes a whole lot faster than the creamy version. 

The favorite jam has to be homemade peach or apricot.  Raspberry never goes awry and black berry is good too.

Strawberry jam and grape jelly is a good back up but a home made jam is hard to pass up.

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2 Responses Mar 20, 2009

I would always make my peanut butter and jelly sandwich with fresh white bread crunchy peanut butter and grape jelly, but once in awhile my Mom would fix me one with toasted bread, butter, peanutbutter and strawberry jam, it was like wow this is different but it was good, maybe cause Mom made it. Lol!!! Boy and it would **** my Mom off if my Dad would make a peanut butter sandwich or a bowl of cereal.

It isn't spicy unless you get a spiced jam or something on it.<br />
<br />
It is just creamy or crunchy (depending on which one you get) with the jam on it.<br />
<br />
It is just a good filling food.