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I was sitting on my porch and listening to this little twit twit, thinking it was cardinal babies somewhere very close by. Eventually i saw two red spots in the tall vines out in the field across from my porch. The vines have grown over some existing tree so that now it looks like a vine tree lolol .. I saw catbirds in pairs going in and out of it, most likely feeding their babies. This one pair flew chasing each other with swoops and dives in the field, through the sky and around my yard. I love to watch them do that. After a little while the cardinal parents emerged and flew up onto the wires connected to the utility poles. They each gave the same twit twit chirps like they were warning any intruders to stay away from their babies nest. They flew to different areas and followed each other through trips in the sky too. Another amazing site, a group of about fifty or more birds rose all together into the sky from the field. Even more unusual was that they turned in unison several times in one group and then rose higher and disbursed out into a wider area in the sky and flew off in groups. It was like a choreographed bird dance, really beautiful to see. I wonder if they can sleep on the wires when they are very still without falling off.. hmmm .. I love watching them. I put out different types of bread or cereal or sometimes pastry out there in my yard. Tonight one of my little catbird friends came and ate some of it. My neighborhood cat stopped by for a visit and short chat and had a lie down on my porch for a while after he walked around my yard. He was more interested in having a nap than bird watching :)
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Ahhhh this weekend i learned that my catbirds and other birds lovvvvvvve oranges! It was so fun to see them descend from their various perches and enjoy eating all the orange sections i put out for them. I thought i would experiment with a big apple and sure enough they are eating that too! I was at Lowes Home Improvement doing some shopping and bought some birdseed. I dumped the whole bag in my yard where i can see all the various birds enjoy it. The other day there was a tiny baby sparrow who came for some seed. It is always thrilling to see a tiny baby bird. I wish i could rush out there, pick it up and pet it and give it love. I love being affectionate with animals. Although i could not love that baby bird the way i wanted to, i like to think that just by putting out the food they know i love them and appreciate their beauty and grace and i'm constantly amazed by the variety of songs they sing. It does fill my heart with pure joy to listen to the serenade of birds in my yard. The catbirds have been the ones who get closest to me, building nests for their babies in the bushes right next to my porch. I have spent many happy times watching how the parents feed and gather food for their babies and call out with their warnings to keep their babies safe. I felt touched and honored that they would feel comfortable enough to get that close to me. I always say i love you in my mind to them and somehow feel they can hear me. I was having breakfast outside yesterday and the most beautiful sight appeared. A deeply yellow goldfinch with a little cap of black on top of his head and black wings with some white stripes on them. Such a gorgeous little bird that i hope will return again and again to my yard. Thank you God for all your creatures and sharing them with me! I'm blessed! xoxoxoxoxxo :)

My friend phatnhapi........Lovely comment..I adore it......:)

Thank you beautiful gr8jesus :) You also are a pure and true friend :) God bless you and i hope you're having a very lovely weekend :) Bees, butterflies and sunshine to you :) xox phat :)

Beautiful write. The loveliness of purification is always evident ..............:)

I agree wessel. It seems to bring you to the center of your soul to just be quiet in nature and feel like you are becoming one with the universe. It is the most peaceful experience for me too. :)

nature is indeed the best way to go it makes you feel whole again the sounds of nature is the beauty of life and more

It is wonderful to have it outside my door every day:) I don't have to drive into the city anymore now that i am retired. It is wonderful. I'm glad you take time out to get away and enjoy nature too. It renews your spirit. I hope you have some parks nearby your place in the city so you can get away when you need to. Yea the silence helps you connect with only the sounds of nature and really enjoy them :)