I like peanut butter any way. It doesn't matter, in a sandwich, on a cracker, a cookie, even on a spoon! I crave it.  I do like smooth though , no crunchy.
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7 Responses Jul 12, 2010

yeah.....i have heard of that before.....but i just cant do the whole fruit with peanut butter thing.....

carrots? hmmmmmm.......i dont know about that one..... *smile*

I love peanut butter too :) ... this may sound a bit strange but I dip carrots in peanut butter and it is soooo good!

- i tried the vanilla ice cream and melted peanut butter over it ! I loved it. totally recommend it to anyone who loves peanut butter for sure. :)

I love reeses peanut butter cups too ! love to eat all the chocolate off then eat the peanut butter inside.yummy :)

REESES PEANUT BUTTER CUPS, are my favorite! Yummmm, oh yeah and peanut butter cookies!

ohhhhh.................thats a good one ! soooo doing that today ! yum :)