Went To Vegas, Went To The M&m's Store.

They have everything you could ever imagine for the M&M's fan. Four stories of M&M fun, EVERY flavor in bulk food dispensers. A Whole wall of candy!! But before you book that flight to the city that will keep all your naughty secrets, Beware: Candy in this store will cost you about $8 a pound. That is a chunk of change. But it is Vegas. That amazing T-shirt you cannot live without, at least $20 and that is for the cheap one. I wanted a great mug with Yellow on it, but honestly didn't see anything on any of those four floors that I wanted in Peanut. I ended up getting a great mug with Red on it. I know, not peanut, but the mug was so much cooler. I am an artist, it has to look RIGHT! Next trip, well, maybe they will have some better stuff.

BTW, all the floors are pretty much the same. And the Coca-Cola store is next door.

Next time. the history of the candy shell.
Mersix Mersix
56-60, F
Sep 15, 2012