Pickin' Up Pecans

When I was a little girl, living in South Carolina, I loved  to eat pecans. We would pick up pecans for the Stukes family to earn a few dollars and enjoy a treat at the same time   The nuts would ripen 'round early to late October and most of them would fall to the ground once they were ripe. All we had to do was pick them up. Some times we would have to shake the trees to make them give up their treasure. We would  go early in the morning and spend the day picking up pecans. We were allowed to fill our pockets with pecans to take home, so we wore pants and coats that had many, many pockets, we also wore ten gallon type  hats. When all our pockets were full we would then take off our hats and fill them up, too. We carried ten pound bag crocus sacks that we filled with the nuts and loaded them onto a truck before staring on the next sack. At lunch time we would go to a little country store, also owned by the Stukes family, where we would buy liver puddin' another treat from my childhood, but that's another story, anyway, those are my early memories of how my love for pecans got started.

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A dessert isn't a dessert without some pecans added to it!