Seymour Toze's Pedicures Are Petty Cures.

Seymour’s pedicures are Petty cures.
Posted on May 8, 2012 by Carol Bond

Seymour Toze’s Pedicures are Petty Cures.
To Lady Lynda’s gentleman friend performing a pedicure is certainly not a chore. He considers it his duty like a knight at service to his lady. He likens taking care of women’s sore achy feet as solum as a priest entering the priesthood. To Seymour it is practically a holy ritual. This was he believes he was born to do. He reminds himself he comes a long line, several generations of men who loves to pamper women’s feet. He reflects on how his father, his paternal grandfather, his great, and several generations back dedicated themselves to making the female sex feel good about themselves literally from the bottoms up.

The “Into Leather” shoe salesman bemused how he received he is an official certified reflexologist. The alternative healing technique that uses special messages for the bottom of the feet to help with various health problems throughout the body. The massaging as Toze does it is invogorating and makes his female customers feel renewed in their soles and in their souls.

The “Into Leather” employee gladly gets his entire equipment ready. Every one of his instruments is top notch quality. Nothing but the best for his ladies. The toenail remover, polish, sanitized cotton balls, the toenail clippers, the diamond emery boards, the pumice stone, the milk baths, citrus soaks. What ever equipment he needs to make his mostly feminine customers feel renewed from literally their heads to their toes. There is nothing left to chance to pamper his ladies. They are officially known as his clients but to the pedicurist he is there to do their bidding.

The shoe employee is proud of the fact that he make his clients feel so wondrously wonderful. It is as if the entire stress and strain of their daily lives is gone and in its place an invigorating new lease on life is the result. They are invigorated. They are ready to go on with their business feeling a complete sense of relief, a sense of renewal. Lady Lynda’s beau is proud he is responsible for that feeling.

Each woman customer represented a new challenge to him. For each represents a totally different set of problems. Or as he likes to say issues. Toze is very careful what terms he uses. He would never ever say the words, hurt or pain. He thinks these words would be far too disturbing to them. It isn’t like he would deliberately cause anything painful. Its that some women’s feet, especially their toenails may be because of their thickness rather difficult to cut/ So he tries his utmost not to upset them. Instead of pain or hurt he uses the word discomfort. Somehow he figures it sounds much better. Perhaps its the fact that the word comfort is in the word.

His thought was challenges make life exciting. Overcoming them gave him a sense of triumph. The females could be young. They could be undergraduate and graduate students. They could be young mothers,older mothers. Mothers with grown children. They could be grandmothers. They could be what ever ethnicity. They could be straight, gay or bi or even transgendered. Each of them presents different issues unique to them.

There are women with hairy toes. To Seymour toes with lots of hair resembles to him, tiny new born puppies craving to be licked. Puppies so young, ripe as fresh fruit. Eager to be reassured by his gentle hands. Yet he realize he is a professional and he can’t let his excitement get in the way. He preps the gentle cream hair remover . He figures a hand razor and especially an electric razor would be too rough.

Old nail polish he removes with gentle swipes with a cotton ball soaked in acetone free natural Yellow and fungal nails he recommends seeing a podiatrist. Seymour knows his limits. For bruised, cut, scraped nails and feet, calluses, sore feet he uses the right equipment and an ultra vigorous massage.

There is a client he is super excited to service. His heart is doing a number in his chest like a SouthAmerican rumba.
She is a woman who is the great, great, great, great granddaughter of the old time actor Russell Cro Magnon. The “Into Leather” shoe salesman, pedicurist especially like s the way her face, especially her periwinkle blue eyes are so expressive. How especially expressive they are as she enjoys his pedipampering.

Just one more note. Before the shoe salesman starts out his pedicure duties he sings in his mind. Happy, happy feet. sung to the tune of happy talk. Happy, happy happy feet yes its true, if your feet arn’t happy how you gonna have a dream come true. Its from the song “Happy Talkmusic by Richard Rodgers and lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein from the Broadway and Movie musical “South Pacific” For he knows if his mostly female customer’s feet arn’t happy they can’t be happy either. Yes his pedicures are good for their soles. His service is toeriffic.

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May 9, 2012