My Wife Loves To Give It To Me

I've posted pretty much this same story on a couple of other groups, so apologies if you've read it elsewhere.

I love to have my wife **** and pee in my mouth. I started tasting my own when I was quite young, and when I met my wife, I didn't waste much time letting her know about my deisres to have hers. She was all for it!

She is a lot younger than me, so it is really wonderful to be under her firm, smooth body. She loves to give me her pee and ****, and it really turns her on. We aren't into rough, so it is tender and sweet when we do it.

For her pee, I usually get in our large bathtub and she stands over me with one foot up on the side. I slide right up until I'm inches from her very hot and shaved *****. I watch the first drops begin to form and open my mouth so she can let it go. I love the flavor and drink it in, swallowing what I can and letting whatever comes too fast spill out of my lips and run down my body. Her favorite part is hearing me swallow, so I don't even try to be quiet about it. After she's done, I lick her off and taste the hot ***** juice that she makes by being turned on over giving me her pee.

For ****, we have what we call our "**** factory" always set up in our large bathroom. A couple of thick towels partly covered by plastic for me to lay on, and a toilet seat stool for her to sit on. She tells me she has to go Number 2 and I get undressed and lay under the seat. She sits down, spreading her cheeks as she does so I have a good view. I raise up a little till I'm close to her hole, but still far enough back to see everything, and she begins to push. She starts getting turned on right away and her very wet and hot ***** begins to drip, which is a bonus for me.

Pretty soon her hole begins to open and I see the tip of the first hot brown piece begin to peek out. Sometimes I lick over it then, moaning at the anticipation. If it's a big one that is a little hard to push out, she'll have me put my lips over her hole and suck on her *** to help it along. Sometimes it suddenly shoots out into my mouth. I really like it better when I lay there and watch it slowly squeeze out on its own brown and steaming, and drop into my open mouth. I moan as it falls in and I taste it begin to coat my tongue. I hold it there until another piece starts to come, and then let the piece in my mouth drop on the plastic to make room for the next one. She tells me when it's all out so I can keep the piece I have, and I lean up to slide my tongue over her hot, **** covered hole to lick her clean.

Sometimes, when her **** is soft, it just all comes out in one squeeze, filling my mouth and slipping over my lips and face. I love the soft stuff even more and she tastes so damn good. I moan and keep it in my mouth to melt for a long time.

We really want to do it when she is all juicy with diarrhea or just liquid. I want so badly to watch her hole closely as the first drops begin to leak out, and lick them off. She told me how she wants me to put my lips around her hole so she can just let her muscles relax and fill my mouth with her hot, liquid, juicy ****. We both want it so bad that she and I decided today that she will take a laxitive this weekend so we can do it. I can hardly wait.

I love licking her ***, pushing my tongue into her, having her **** right into my mouth. Like i said, she is many years younger than me and her body is hot and firm and eating her **** right out of her sweet, brown hole is heavenly.
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I've never tried that. Does it taste anything like it smells?