My First Diaper

So my grandma came over to give my mom some gifts and one of them was an adult diaper. It was a joke gift to reference that my mom was getting older and she through it in her closet and forgot about it. But i sure didnt forget ;)
When everyone in the house left i snuck into my moms closet and took out the diaper, went into my room, ******** naked and put it on. I havnt wore a diaper since i was a baby so i didnt remember how it felt and once it slid on i felt so overwhelmed with emotions, feelings, and arousal! After about an hour or two i had to go to the bathroom. I decided that it was the time to prove to myself that i was a diaper loving teen baby so i went back to put the diaper on and imagined myself as a baby who wasnt potty trained. The seat of my first fluffy comfy diaper started filling up with my mess and i just ploped my diapered butt on the ground and smooshed it all over, while sucking my thumb and masterbaiting. It was the best time i've ever had with my fetish because i was finally in my diapers <3
Fudgeyum Fudgeyum
1 Response Sep 14, 2012