i need a master! please will someone control me today?? i just woke up and have a pretty full bladder and i want someone to message me and tell me what to do. be as strict as you want, you can refuse to let me go at all, and you can tell me what to drink, if i fail, you can make me punish myself for you. if we do all of that i will also be horny, so you can also be strict on that and refuse to let me *** :) just inbox me and i will answer, please hurry, im getting full already!! i want you to force me to go through my day without the pleasure of a bathroom break, make me so desperate that i lose control for you.
MooseyAng MooseyAng
22-25, F
2 Responses Aug 22, 2014

Are you still holding

yes i am
are you interested?

Will u so everything I say

yes , i will do anything that involves torturing my bladder and making me hold off from *******