Pee Fun!

I had the good fortune of having a pee partner at one point in my life. One of our favorite pee games was 'toilet off limits'. One variation was to not allow one another to get up to pee at night. Instead we would try to drink it. It inevitably made a mess but we didn't mind. Another variation was on road trips. If he was driving and needed to pee, I would say, dont stop, do it in my mouth. Again, the result was a mess but neither of us minded. We always kept towels and plastic for the seats in the car. And we usually drank lots of liquids to enhance the fun! Here's one we never tried but someone told me about: drinking pee beer. Going in bars and peeing in each others' beer. Noone else would know! What a hot little secret! The pee game possibilities are endless. How about wearing adult diapers to the movie theater and drinking huge sodas while slowly wetting ourselves? Or lying on the beach in wet swimsuits sipping pina coladas and wetting? Or walking hand in hand on the beach in wet swimsuits with bursting bladders and just letting it go together?? Or if you want more privacy, doing the same in the back yard on lounge chairs. Of course that would probably involve a much more 'hands on' approach! ;)  Then there are public wetting games. Public wetting games involve wearing black jeans and long shirts to minimize the appearance of being wet. And also bringing a diaper bag and extra pants just in case we decided to change plans, or just got the urge to wear and wet diapers. With diapers you have have the fun of checking and changing your lover's wet diaper. :) Among other fun things. And then there's the whole other catagory of holding/pee desperation and accidents! (The above described public wettings, although involving desperation, are not really in the 'hard holding' catagory, nor do they involve literal wetting accidents.)

So...what are some of your pee games and ideas!

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You sound like a very exciting Lady. I enjoy ******* in my wife's mouth, and she loves to drink my ****.

my wife and I have done many of the wetting we have done the wetting our swimsuits on the lounge chairs in public and other public wetting our pants we love wetting our self in public and at home we wet our self all the time in doors and out

My ex lay on top of me in a bikini on a beach in Tenerife a few years back. Looked to the world as though we were cuddling but she peed over my ****. Completely true.

<p>We would occaissionally go to a restaurant where the seating was arranged in small alcoves formed with high backed seating giving a reasonable amount of privacy. On these occaissions we would use a taxi service for the homeward trip so that we could both have a few drinks. The meal would be drawn out with drinks until we both needed to pee at which we would adjust our clothing and let out a stream of pee under the table. We don't think anybody ever caught on, they kept letting us back or perhaps they were just glad of our custom !!</p>

i love your stories linda if u have face book i go by king robbiez

great stories! keep posting please! :)

Great story<br />
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I love 'Challenge Rides' with a partner: you fill the car up with gas then head for the drive-thru and get a couple of large iced teas each. Driving around in the evening with no stops and full bladders is amazingly sexy. First one to wet in the car has to get out and finish wetting right on the side of the road is one way to make it work. The winner then showers the wetter. If one is into humiliation then go with the wet pants to a 24 hour place which sells Adult Incontinence supplies and buy a package of diapers.

thanks guys for story(wetlinda) and comments from rest,would like to join a party or spend week-end with one to one in no toilet use,panties or diapers choice of partner.

Those games sound like a lot of fun especially the pee drinking ones.

Linda - I love your pee game stories, they sound like so much fun! I always wanted to try this: My gf is desperate to pee, so she forces me onto the bed and pulls down the front of my plastic pants. She then sits on top of me and my diaper and lets go. When she's finished she pulls up my plastic pants and we continue on with our day. By the time I have to pee, mine added to hers in the already wet diaper will surely cause a leak. <br />
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You can pee into my diaper any time!

Super stories, but a bit to salty for my taste, I would just love a woman who loves her nappy changed now and then, I just really like to idea of changing a woman who has wet her nappy, I am not fussy 18 - 60 perferably someone who actually needs them and needs some TLC.

very nice story! i love it.<br />
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Oh, I like it :-)

What great experiences! Where do I find the videos? :-P

I would love to find a female pee partner. Once a woman finds that pee fun is endless fun my creative juices, ha ha, start to flow. And hers, too. Because we are steered away from this totally satisfying fun our whole lives it seems that we build up a reservoir of fantasies about how to have fun peeing. When my pee sweetie needed to pee in the middle of the night I would lay towels out under my head and lick and drink away. I would always place my head and mouth so we could hear it.

Wetlinda, thanks for the story and all the comments it generated. there is little that I can add to all your erotic ideas except with the diaper, diapers can be a lot of fun to play in and I like to put on a fresh diaper and squirt a lot of bably oil in it and then ********** and pee in the squishy slippery oil.

Thanks for your posts, everyone! Nalatrebor, mmm I wish! Wettex, I might very well do that if I weren't spoken for already! ;) Joelly you and I do think amazingly alike about this particular subject! <br />
Dammin, I loved your first public wetting experience! I want to hear about the bedwetting too! I might try doing a vid like you suggested. I'll message you.

Interesting story.... Maybe my wife Lululee here on EP might want to try this with me one day. Yes; I will drink her urine, BUT ONLY if I can get it from the "source". Then I will lick her to ******. ;-)<br />
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OK my love :-)

Hello linda, just wanted to let you know I enjoy your stories and videos on xtube. Youve inspired me to be adventurous. In fact I ahd my first adventure 2 nights ago. to make a long story short I wne toutside and walked down the street and wet myself in public on the near the corner. Although it was at night, it was such a rush feeling pee running from my ****, glistening down my left pants leg. I walked back into my house with pee squishing in my shoes and proceeded to finish peeing and came the hardest ever!! I want to do that again. I also have some bedwetting adventures too. anyways when are you doing to make more videos? I would like to see you soaking your PJ's and moaning in desperation trying to keep from peeing and then letting it all go. anyways email me back or email me at<br />
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im a 36 yr old guy ....your ideas are cool favorite game is to try to pee in my mouth and not spill a drop and swallow the lot. i had a gf pee on me and in my mouth in a pub car park then i licked her out on the back seat of the car and she kept ******* in my mouth. It was hard to drink it all and left a big wet patch on the seat haha i came so hard

I keep an empty apple juice bottle under the seat of my car for "emergencies". If someone sees it after I've used it, they're none the wiser.

wise, but if your alone and going somewhere with no people (possibly with towels on the seat) you could just let it go

I agree with all your ideas and have also done most of the same... great minds and all that but my challenge to you and whoever else is up for it that a bank holiday is actually a toilet holiday and you are not allowed to use toilets on bank holidays so you have to wet yourself as described or wear a nappy if going out and about and wetting your pants cannot be done... you are not allowed to use toilet all day and it can be passed back and fore so you drink direct from partner and vice versa but that just makes me need to go even more as its like a detox when you drink it... I cannot believe how much we have in common. also get an apple juice drink and get partner to wee in the empty carton then you drink it as if its apple juice infront of boss and friends etc without them knowing you are drinking your lovers special juice..XX

mudtertel that is another favorite thing of mine to do! Its absolutely delightful getting wet in a warm summer rain and adding your own even warmer wetness to it! <br />
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Eaudoux, thank you for saying that! I think a pee tasting contest sounds like a blast, great idea! <br />
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I understand that there are such things as pee parties, although where, and how to find out about them, I don't know.