Peed On At Six Flags

The first time I was peed on, I was at Six Flags in StLouis Mo, A girl was too light for the parachute ride,and the controller asked if I would go up with her,and i did as we were nearing the top, I felt this wet very warm moister, and the girl said I am so sorry, This thing scared it out of me and I got really very HORNEY, I actually wanted her to do more.  Of cource it didnt happen again, after that I have always loved it when a girl would volentarily would pee on me, I can't git enough, and to watch a girl in person, pees in front of me I accept willingly, This is why I would love if a bunch of girls would pee in front of a video camera for me and send it to me in the mail.  LOVE ALL GIRLS   Hot One Needs LOVE

hotoneneedslove hotoneneedslove
2 Responses Mar 6, 2009

why didnt u keep in touch ?

I can just see what you mean there. When a girl pees in front of you and she looks in your eyes all the time it creates such a moment of intimacy. I once knew a girl who loved to pee outdoors and every time we were together she took a **** and was looking at me with those dark brown eyes. It sure is hot.<br />
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