First Taste

My ex-wife was almost painfully vanilla when it came to sex! She had been sexually abused by an uncle when she was a young girl and he mostly made her ********** him or suck his **** so it was a serious psychological trigger for her to perform that act as an adult, though she would sometimes suck me as foreplay Only but I NEVER got to *** in her mouth, though she would sometimes let me *** on her big **** and even seemed to enjoy that a little. But she did Love it when I would go down on her and she would *** really good that way. In fact, most of the time we Only had sex in the missionary position, but I got her to try Doggy style and she decided that was ok now and then too. But once I convinced her to climb on top and ride me she found that she could *** Super hard that way! Well after we'd been together for about 18 years she developed a bit of a weak bladder and had a slight problem with incontinance.

I've been fascinated with pee most of my life and have been peeing on myself in the shower or bath for many years and though I had peed on a couple of girlfriends when I was younger, it wasn't something I ever thought my wife would be interested in. Man, was I wrong! After she developed the weak bladder, she accidentally peed a little when she came and got so embarrassed she couldn't look at me and just kept appologizing. But I just smiled and said it was not a problem at all, and in fact, I kinda enjoyed the feeling of her warm pee on my crotch! Well it took a few times of this "accidentally" peeing on me before she started to really believe that I Did enjoy it...then it became a regular thing for us.

Until then though she would concentrate so hard on Not peeing on me that she hardly ever got to ***, until one day I was eating her ***** and she was so hot and it had been so long since she'd ***, she started to *** really hard and actually squirted some pee right in my open mouth! Well needless to say she Freaked! She was almost in tears from embarrassment, and to be honest I was pretty shocked for a few seconds too, but I realized that I had almost *** at that same time and told her so. She couldn't believe it, but I said, "honestly babe, that was so HOT I almost came and really it just tasted like warm water!" Then I went back to eating her some more until she came again, but After she went to the bathroom and came back to bed...though I did Ask her to NOT Wipe when she was done! She said, are you SURE? And I said, YES, I really want to eat you some more and I Want to taste it again!

Her favorite way to *** was either from me eating her ***** or her on top riding my ****! She would Always go pee Before we started if she knew I was going to eat her out (which I almost ALWAYS did because I LOVE to eat *****!!), and she hardly ever squirted after that while I was eating her, but she got to absolutely LOVE getting on top of me and riding my **** until she was ready to ***, and she would always warn me, "oh baby, you're gonna Drown!" and I'd Always tell her to "Give it ALL to me baby!" And she would just open the flood gates when she came and I Love feeling that hot **** splashing all over my **** and balls! We go to where she loved the feeling of peeing on me and being peed on so much that Every time we showered together we'd take turns kneeling for the other one to pee all over!! My current wife also Loves it when I pee on her in the tub or shower but unfortunately she has a very "bashful bladder" and unless I make her drink LOTS of water and Hold it for a long time, she hardly Ever is able to let go and pee on me! I've had Several girlfriends in the past few years though who LOVE pee play and I've even peed INSIDE them a few times, both in the ***** and in the ***! That is H*O*T!!!
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Mmmm, you're right Sara...Nothing like it! I LOVE the feel of that how **** running all over my body...Especially splashing all over my crotch as we're ******* and she's on top riding me and just lets loose when she ****!! I've even had a couple women give me a few spurts when they came as I was eating their ***** and I swallowed every drop. Though I'm not really into drinking ****, I must say that was HOT and I just couldn't help it as it turned me on so much and I Really got into the moment! My current wife loves to have my **** all over her body but for some reason she has been unable to return the favor as she has some bladder problems. But we have another girlfriend who also Loves it when I **** on her and I've pissed In her when I ****** her in the *** then Kept ******* her and she said it felt totally Amazing! And she also loves ******* on me and my wife is cool with that too. I can't wait to have her **** on my wife too!!