Peed My Panties At Work

I have been horny all day and needed to pee. I had been surfing EP on my phone and it just made it worse.  I'm currently home for eating and thought I'd pop on real quick.

I am wearing a short black skirt with full back pink satin panties.  I ended up going to the bathroom and just sat down on the toilet and started playing, then eventually wet my panties.  I came pretty quick and had to bite my lip to keep from moaning loud.  I actually made it bleed :P  Anyway, I've never done this at work before, but I couldn't help it.  I've still not changed and love the dampness.

<3 Allantra
AllantraLeigh AllantraLeigh
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23 Responses Nov 27, 2012

Wish I worked with you

hey please add and message me i would really love to chat and hold with you

Have you tried diapers? They work wonderful. You can feel both damp and secure.

I love it. Being naughty at work is the best!

So beautiful, wonderful, truly.

Sounds like heaven.

thats a nice story

I wish I had someone in my life who'd do this with me. I enjoy this a lot and idk why. You should message me

i even like this story ;)

I tok have had to ********** at work in the toilet. And it was because of ep too. This site could get people on trouble. Or just make us more adventurous!

Dear god that's cute and sexy! I'd love to chat.

Very sexy. I love a woman who enjoys peeing. X

So sexy thanks for your story

Please add me I love pee play

How wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

I have a white pair of panties with a pee stain I had one of my friends she would do just as you did over and over its so sexy

sound rather incredible

Wish I worked with you ... I could wear my black pants and you could sit on my lap and wet your panties ...

Very hot. I would love to catch you. :)

thats so naughty, and very sexy. thanks for sharing it with us :)

Make me want to **********. In AL too.

Fantastic story and much appreciated.

Wonderful!!! Leave those panties on for a while and let them dry. And try it some time in white cotton bikini panties. Love those pee circles.