I Love Wetting My Hose

 I am a mature lady who is into this fetish. The great thing to wet pantyhose is that you cannot smell the pee and the feeling is just wonderful. So I do this as often as I can.

Peelady43 Peelady43
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10 Responses Nov 29, 2009

Try it with your period blood instead

I am with you and it feels good.

sexy......good plan......let the warm nectar flow.....in my mouth..wink/nod.....

Wet pantyhose are wonderful, aren't they?!

That is very sexy. I love a woman that wears pantyhose and I'm starting to like the idea of a woman peeing in them.

sounds sexy! thanks for sharing!

I would like to have your knickers and pantyhose especially if they were already wetted either fresh or a couple of days old.If you also poop them it would be irrisistable not to have them on wet and poopy .I mean if i poop my self why wouldn`t i want some womens poopy pknickers on too,i mean i would likeas much poop in my/your knickers as possible.If yuo`d let me I would like to have my face down there when they`re wet even if you are still wetting them,that would be preferable,of course i`d have my greedy little mouth open all the way umm umm umm.

Ist effektiv ein herrliches Gefühl, es einfach in die Strumpfhose laufen zu lassen und weiter in den bepinkelten Strumpfhosen umher zu laufen. Tust du das sehr oft und trägst du auch ein normales Höschen unter den Strumpfhosen?

If I was in England I would definitly want those lovely pantyhose.Nothing makes as nice as pee.

Thank you for sharing :)