First Panty Pee Experience

Actually, my first panty pee experience was an accident.
I was around 13 yo then.I was on my way home from school and I desperately needed to pee. It was winter time in the street, and I wore overcoat, skirt and pants. I hoped I would make it to home. Last mile I was almost running. I was trying to hold it as long as I could. I almost made it.
I came inside the house - we lived in condo, elevator took me to my floor ( I was alone in the elevator, with crossed legs, I had to pee so bad that I didnt think I was going to be able to move and go out from elevator) Somehow I managed to come up to my door and while I was opening the lock I had to cross my legs very tight.
I was about to enter our apartment when I suddenly realised that I can't hold my pee anymore. At that moment I felt that a little bit pee was coming out. I began to feel very wet and warm in my panties. I looked around desperately - just two meters away from me, round the corner there was a tiny secluded space where we and our neighbours kept several wooden boxes, half-filled with soil. Nobody needed those boxes, but we had no time to get rid of them... I rushed round the corner to the boxes, feeling warm liquid, streaming down my legs, and sat over one of boxes, not having time to take off my pants. I was peeing through my panties and pants, and I felt a great relaxation. I just yielded to that sensation of warmth and wetness in my pants, my pee was streaming down through pants onto the soil in the box. I pleaded only not to be seen or noticed by anybody. As I kept peeing I noticed tiny trace of liquid on the floor that followed my steps when I was running towards the boxes. I remembered moving and peeing at the same time - it felt weird.
When I was done I got up and went to my door. I came in, there was nobody at home at that time - parents were in the office. I took off my coat, my boots and my skirt. I felt wet and soaked panties and pants on me and that feeling was extremely odd, and strangely fascinating. Then I didn't understand what I was doing - I put my hand between my legs and started to caress myself through soaked pants. I pressed my palms through my pants to my *****. It felt so good that I started ************ just there, in the corridor. I was so turned on by the experience I had just had. After I finished I went straight to the bathroom and cleaned myself up. But even in dry and clean clothes I had to ********** two times more that day as even the remembering of what had happened turned me on.
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2 Responses Jan 11, 2013

you can run while peeing? :O

Wow, learning to wet AND ********** all in the same day at almost the same time, what a thrill. Good for you. I got into wetting at about 7 but didn't ********** until about 20. I've been trying to catch up ever since.