How To Hide A Wet Bed?

I'm wondering how you can hide that you wet the bed? I still live with my parents and sister, so I can't just do it unless I know my mom will be gone for a night or 2 because my dad never really checks up on my sister and I.

I was just wondering what I can do to make sure the mattress isn't totally wrecked, or that it's clean and dry by the time my mom would come home.

I just wanna put on some panties and wet myself tonight, I haven't in SO long it's annoying.


The mattress is the biggest concern to hide the smell and stain.
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3 Responses Jan 20, 2013

Go to the store and buy one of the fuzzy fluffy robes they're water resistant. Accidentally overflowed my daughter's tub in the kitchen sink and got one of my pockets in my robe filled with water. It didn't leak. Go down the baby isle and get a crib mat. Totally absorbent. Not that I've tried em but the work great for a leaky baby.

lol don't use diapers, takes all the fun out of it. Also they are 1 time use so eventually you'll be discovered either disposing of or buying them.

Option A: Fold an extra blanket in half lengthwise atop the mattress, replace top sheet, pee your panties in the bath, save the last bit, finish in bed.

Option B (long term protection): Cut an XL trash bag at the seams so that it becomes a long rectangle. Place atop mattress and add a blanket (again folded) to muffle sound and absorb liquid. Replace normal sheet and ready yourself for a good nights wetting. :D

If you can get hold of adult diapers, that's one discreet and cleanup-free method of wetting the bed!